10 Country Songs About Drinking

You are hung over and we have 10 country songs about drinking that embodies exactly how you feel this very moment. Whiskey, women and good times carved into the hit singles. Then there’s the morning after to try to remember what happened the night before. For the love of beer, party and good times here are some songs to listen to.

  1. Friends In Low Places” – Garth Brooks. This catchy tune is quite the crowd pleaser at any concert, event or bar. Lyrics state that the whiskey drowns and the beer chases the blues away. Runaway hit for Garth and the best country song about drinking of all time.
  2. Tonight the Heartache’s on Me” – Dixie Chicks. Yes, girls like to drink too. Lyrics tell to drink a toast to a fool who couldn’t see. Yes, girls drown their sorrows in booze, too.
  3. Whisky Lullaby.” – Brad Paisley with Allison Krauss. Depressing little number of a man who could not stop drinking because he lost the love of his life then shoots himself. Then she drank because she couldn’t get him out of her mind and then shoot herself. Love, drink, pain.
  4. “Drinking me Lonely” – Chris Young. In the melody it expresses the desire that the bartender has a cure to buy for a broken heart. If only that were possible making this a top ten drinking country song.
  5. “Here for the Party” – Gretchen Wilson. A drinking son-of-a-gun who is there to party until they throw her out is a declaration. You go girl!
  6. “Drinkin’ and Dialing” – Darius Rucker. A few too many beers and shots lead to waking up to your ex-girl friend. Excellent job on the melody making this a one of 10 country songs about drinking.
  7. I Drink” – Blake Shelton. He drinks, he knows what he is an doesn’t give a damn. True confessional drinking song with no lies to hide.
  8. Whisky Girl” – Toby Keith. You got to love a song where the man loves a woman who likes to drink the strong stuff, no wine for this girl. Toby’s “tough girl” music hits the right chord in this ten country drinking song mix.
  9. Tequila loves Me” – Kenny Chesney. Wouldn’t be right not to include a song about the ever so popular choice of shots, tequila. If she doesn’t love him, the tequila does. Pathetic yes but a hit country drinking song for Kenny.
  10. I gotta get Drunk” – Willie Nelson. Nothing epitomizes a country drinking song more than the need to get drunk. Willie, hats off, at times it feels like we all need to get a little drunk.

Whether you’ve had too much to drink or like to party hard, these ten country drinking songs make a perfect music mix. Be smart about drinking but like the song says, “whisky and beer chases the blues away.” It’s country music like no other genre.

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