10 Country Songs About Getting Older

The 10 country songs about getting older will make you think, laugh and even cry. Country is one of those genres that knows how to tackle a sensitive subject like getting older. When you hear the 10 country songs about getting older it may just make you feel a bit younger.

  1. Toby Keith "As Good As I Once Was" (2003). Only Toby Keith could bring together the subject of getting older and bar fights into a realization of the inadequacies of growing older. This entry into the list of the 10 country songs about getting older will make you understand growing older just a little bit better.
  2. Merle Haggard "Old Man from the Mountain" (1974). Country music legend Merle Haggard released "Old Man from the Mountain" (1974) to discuss the subject of aging and holding on to your lady and your land. This high-spirited song needs to be on the list of 10 country songs about getting older.
  3. Hank Williams Sr. "Angel of Death" (1954). Hank Williams Sr. died in 1953 at the age of 29. In a very short time, his honest country music left an ever-lasting impression on all music for years to come. The song "Angel of Death" (1954) was released the year after Williams died and it showed his continued fascination with asking for forgiveness before dying.
  4. John Conlee "The Backside of 30" (1979). An unmistakable country song about being a guy being on his own after his wife and son leave him. John Conlee did not have many hits, but this song belongs on the list of the 10 country songs about getting older.
  5. Hank Williams Sr. "Ready to Go Home" (1956). This is another song about getting and old, confessing your sins and then dying by country legend Hank Williams Sr. This was released as a posthumous single three years after Hank Williams Sr. passed away in 1953.
  6. Dixie Chicks "Top of the World" (2003). The song "Top of the World" (2003) was written by songwriter Patty Griffin and recorded by the Dixie Chicks. It tells the story of a man that does nothing but regret his life as he grows older. The song appears on the Dixie Chicks album "Home" (2003).
  7. The Stanley Brothers "I Long to See The Old Folks" (1954). The Stanley Brothers are the legendary country act that recorded "Orange Blossom Special" (1955) and "Pretty Polly" (1950). The song "I Long to See the Old Folks" (1954) is an interesting observation of the process of growing older.
  8. Wynonna Judd "Is It Over Yet" (1993). Wynonna Judd is one of the recent legends of country music, and her song "Is It Over Yet" (1993) is about growing old alone. This song about begging someone to stay that wants to go deserves to be on the list of the 10 country songs about getting older.
  9. Johnny Cash "A Boy Named Sue" (1969). One of the most famous of getting older by country legend Johnny Cash. "A Boy Named Sue" (1969) was debuted at the San Quentin prison on national television as a story about a man who grew up wanting nothing but revenge on his father for naming him Sue.
  10. Red Sovine "Giddy-Up Go" (1965). Very few country singers told a story like Red Sovine did. His hit single "Giddy-up Go" (1965) is about a trucker who named his truck Giddy-up Go because that is what his little son named it. The trucker came home to find his son and wife gone. After 25 years, the trucker met his grown-up son who became a trucker driving a rig named Giddy-up Go as well.
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