10 Country Songs About Growing Old Together

Ageless music and timeless attraction defines these 10 country songs about growing old together.  Growing old together, whether by friendship or by love, can be difficult to define.  However, with these country songs it comes easy.

  1. Tim McGraw's "My Best Friend" is perfect for those growing old together.  The lyrics "I fall in love all over again" offers a warm flame to an already close long term relationship between two people.  Not to mention, McGraw's country vocals are breath taking.
  2. Trisha Yearwood's "How Do I Live" defines togetherness with a true heartfelt message by lyrics, "how do I live without you".  A country song that can best describe two people growing old together as one expresses words of sorrow should the other no longer be around.
  3. "If Tomorrow Never Comes by Garth Brooks shares beautiful poetry in lyrics as a man questions whether or not a woman knows how much he loves her.  Then the man makes a promise within himself to share his love with her more than he has ever done.
  4. "Forever & Ever, Amen" by Randy Travis is classic Randy as the lyrics describe how long a person is going to love the other.  "As long as old men sit & talk about the weather.  As long as old women sit & talk about men."  Sounds like forever and ever, Amen.
  5. Brian White's "Tree of Hearts" is an unusual country song about growing old together with a lyrical twist in message.  A beautiful song indeed, which begins as a boy carves into a tree of loving a girl.  Turns out the boy and girl end up with a full life ahead, growing old together.
  6. Kenny Chesney's "Me & You" shares lyrics that any couple can enjoy.  "Ordinary, no!  I really don't think so, just a precious few,  Ever make it last, are as lucky as me and you."
  7. Shania Twain's "You're Still The One" marks how far two people have come in their lives.  One of Country's best, "You're Still The One" is celebrated by all ages, especially those who can say they continue growing old together.
  8. Alan Jackson's "Remember When" describes stepping stones and explores memories.  Jackson wrote this country song with growing old together in mind.  We can agree, we "remember when the sound of little feet was the music" or when "thirty seemed so old".
  9. "In Our Old Age" by Kenny Rogers sends the message that as long as you are together, you'll both grow stronger everyday.  This country song encourages growing old together.
  10. John Michael Montgomery's "I Swear" deems a promise forever, and after.  "I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky, I'll be there" not only can be shared by fresh lovers but those growing old together.  Favored by many country fans, "I Swear" will always remain on a top ten best country love songs list somewhere, I swear.
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