10 Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

Use these 10 cover up tattoo ideas to make old tattoos look better or to completely cover a tattoo that you no longer want. Tattoos fade over time and people change. As people age, the changes in their bodies can even make a once beautiful piece of body art look like a completely different thing than was originally intended.

  1. Use white ink. Tattoos that are light or faded can be made to look as if they are no longer there with repeated tattoos in white ink. The white ink helps to lighten the darker colored ink below it and can even eventually make it look as if there never was a tattoo there at all.
  2. Completely fill in the tattoo. For instance, if you have a heart on your body with your ex wife's initials in it, you can fill in the heart completely so that the initials are no longer visible.
  3. Create your own creature. Some tattoos are hard to cover up because they are so dark. Trace the tattoo on a piece of paper, then draw your own creature to follow the lines of the original tattoo while creating something entirely different.
  4. Use something with lots of detail. If you are trying to come up with something to cover a tattoo, use lots of detail on the cover up one. This makes it difficult to see the original tattoo underneath.
  5. Make the cover up tattoo larger than the original. If the cover up tattoo is larger than the original tattoo, it will be harder to see the original one. Keep in mind that you make have to use darker colors for the outside edges so that the color of the cover up tattoo looks consistent.
  6. Add to the original. Sometimes a tattoo can be made to look better if you simply have it redone and added to. The addition makes the tattoo prominent in an overall way without drawing attention to the details.
  7. Make fun of the original. For instance, if you're a writer and you have a tattoo that you just can't figure out how to cover up, you can put a leaking fountain  pen design above the tattoo, then cover the original with a puddle of "ink" from the pen.
  8. Use white to thin the lines. If your lines have become blurry, have them traced with a minimal needle count. Then, have the line bordered with white ink, or a darker color to match your skin. This will enhance the details of the original line.
  9. Change the entire concept. You might have a tattoo of a flower on your back and want to erase even the memory of it. Do something like a bear claw coming out of or up your back so that there is blood and muscle tissue to be seen. These details can easily cover up an original piece of body art. Dark animals like bears and panther are excellent for covering up old ink.
  10. Use flowers or other small objects that don't have to be symmetrical. If you have something small or thing as body art, you can cover this up by using vines and small flowers to develop a cluster of tattoos. This will cover the original without having to use large amounts of dark colors to do it.
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