10 Coyote Hunting Tips

Here are 10 coyote hunting tips to help in your hunting adventures. Many people consider coyotes to be nuisance animals, and in many states the season is open all year and there are few, if any, limits. The best states for hunting Coyote are Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, and the animal is primarily found in the western United States, though they have been spotted all across the country. Coyote hunting has become more popular in recent decades.

  1. Coyotes are intelligent animals that can move quickly, so you need to do your research. Heading our list of ten coyote hunting tips is to study. Learn all you can about hunting coyotes before heading out into the woods. Hunting coyotes is a battle of wits, so the more you know the better your chances are.
  2. Pay attention to the wind direction. Coyotes have a great sense of smell, so stay upwind of where you think the animals are.
  3. Coyotes also have great vision, so try to stay in shaded areas to avoid being spotted. Wearing camouflage is helpful to avoid being seen.
  4. Be careful to not make noise as coyotes also have great hearing. Do not try to hunt near where you parked your vehicle. Walk at least a mile away from where your vehicle is, and try to be as quiet as possible.
  5. The most popular time to hunt is early morning or early evening because this is when coyotes tend to hunt the most. Another good time is after a storm when the animals tend to move around.
  6. Hunting during the day is most popular, but if your state allows it, hunting at night is also an adventure to consider. You need more equipment  to hunt at night and you need to take greater precautions.
  7. Learn to use calls. Calls making sounds like a rabbit distress call, or rodent distress call, are generally mosts effective. This takes some practice to learn proper technique. Electronic calls are available and many beginners use them. Howling calls are also popular at times. Learn when to use what type of call to be most effective.
  8. Spend time scouting for the coyotes to learn their movement habits. Most hunters scout and then find a spot to set up for the hunt instead of trying to track down or stalk the animal.
  9. Be careful when crossing fences. Sound travels on the wires you move and coyotes will pick up on the sound from far away.
  10. Always be safe while hunting. Make sure you are shooting at a coyote and not a lost person.
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