10 Crazy Date Ideas

Here are 10 crazy date ideas that you can try when you've just met that special someone, or even after you've been dating (or married!) for years.

  1. Attend fun local festivals. Whether it's the Cheese Festival in Seattle, Washington, the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California, or the Maple Sugarin' Festival in Westminster, Maryland, most localities host unusual festivals that can provide crazy ideas for a date. To make the date extra fun, dare each other to try new things, such as garlic-flavored ice cream or maple syrup on your French fries.
  2. Participate in quirky, social sports. Ever played ultimate frisbee? How about grown-up kickball or dodgeball? You'd be surprised how many people are out there playing odd sports, and most groups happily welcome new and inexperienced members. If you're lucky, you and your date could even find yourselves with a great new social network.
  3. Have some heart-pounding adventures. Getting your hearts racing is a sure-fire way to intensify a relationship. Anything from rock climbing to car racing to spelunking will do the trick. Just make sure that you plan your adventures with licensed, experienced practitioners.
  4. Try some foodie explorations. Chances are you've had plenty of Italian, Chinese, and Mexican food during your life. But what about Indian, Thai, and Mongolian? For a crazy date idea, head to that restaurant with the unpronounceable name you've been eyeing and pick the weirdest sounding thing on the menu. Head cheese? Perfect. Grilled octopus? Superb. Alternately, hit up the local international market to find ingredients for a crazy cook-at-home food date.
  5. Bond over bunnies. There's something about interacting with animals that goes straight to a woman's heart. You're never too old to hit up a petting zoo or local farm. If you look hard enough, you can find more exotic animals to touch, such as alligators or snakes.
  6. Learn while you fall in love. An educational date can be fun and exciting. The crazier the class, the better. Dancing classes are pretty standard, so why not look for a class in couple's massage, whip-cracking or martial arts?
  7. Get to know your neighborhood. You can go on a date without paying a dime if you simply take a walk around your neighborhood. To up the crazy factor, challenge each other to speak to that neighbor across the street you haven't met yet, explore a local pawn shop or investigate a local ethnic market.
  8. Go on a scavenger hunt. You may remember scavenger hunts from school, but now that you're adults you can up the fun factor by throwing a little crazy into the mix. Fill sheets with activities and events such as "moon a statue," "pretend to get arrested," or "pose with a street performer." Make sure you bring a camera along to photograph the evidence!
  9. Picnic with a twist. Picnics are a great way to date for not a lot of money. Spice up the old picnic theme by choosing a weird location: a subway station, the top of a tall building, or a random beautiful spot near a busy highway. Throw out the old idea of potato salad and hot dogs, and instead bring wine, beer, cocktails, brie, caviar, take-out food or fondue. The crazier, the better!
  10. Go all out. Sure, you could spend $400 on a weekend getaway, as long as you're willing to drive or fly, stay in a hotel that may or may not have a rock-hard mattress and experiment with (potentially terrible) new restaurants. Why not blow all that cash on one crazy night out on the town instead, and spend the rest of the weekend recovering? Eat at the most expensive restaurant, buy pricey mixed drinks, get VIP treatment at an exclusive club, buy the bar a round of drinks, and take a limo home!
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