10 Crazy Rap Song Lyrics

The challenge in compiling is a list of 10 crazy rap song lyrics isn't in hunting down good ones, but in narrowing down the list. There seem to be more bizarre, plain stupid or crazy rap lyrics than there are ones that work. Even with the wealth of material available, however, when you can find crazy rap song lyrics that can be printed in a PG-13 space without redacting half the sentence, that's a bonus. We figure you can read around the asterisks and get the point.

  1. "Real Gs move in silence like lasagna" –  Lil Wayne "Six Foot, Seven Foot" The G in "lasagna" isn't silent. Neither is lasagna, for that matter.
  2. "Young, black, and famous, with money hanging out the anus."–  Mase & Puff Daddy "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down" That money storage thing? You're doing it wrong.
  3. "I love my ni**as, no homo; I swear I hope they all get cheese like Digiorno."–  Lil Wayne "I Like Dat" Frozen pizza? You shouldn't have! It'd be possible to write a list of crazy rap song lyrics that was made up of nothing but the words of Lil Wayne.
  4. "Thirty-eight revolve like the sun round the Earth." –  Jay-Z "It's Hot" It's a good thing that that rap song career is working out for Jay-Z, since there seem to be some gaps in his education that might make other employment a little difficult.
  5. "I like them black, white, Puerto Rican, or Haitian. Like Japanese, Chinese, or even Asian." – Chingy "Balla Baby" Chinese or even Asian? While Chingy can be praised for his open-mindedness and diversity of taste, he could use a little help with his geography.
  6. "There's no need to lie folk, Why you sleepin' with your eyes closed?" – Timbaland "Get On the Bus" Because it hurts to sleep with them open? Following the advice of this crazy rap song lyric would probably sting a bit.
  7. "Man I'm done saying that I'm done playing, Ima a start laying any of these motherf-ing c*cks*ckers." Eminem "Don't Push Me" You might want to rephrase that lyric, Eminem, because it sounds like you are tired of talking and are, instead, going to start having sex with the men who are bothering you.
  8. "Coast to coast, L.A. to Chicago." – Snoop Dog "B, Please" What we have here is another failure to learn geography. Hopefully, he sticks to writing crazy rap song lyrics and leaves the navigation to someone else on road trips.
  9. "I'm pissin' on grown women. R. Kelly do it to children." – 50 Cent "Come & Go" While we at Made Man support all lifestyle choices, we're not sure that most people will be impressed when informed via a rap song lyric of your penchant for urophlia.
  10. "Too democratic. Republic, F it. We chicken nugget. We dip in the sauce like mop and bucket." – OutKast "Humble Mumble" Okay, we get what you mean: you're trying to say… um… actually, we have no idea what you are trying to convey through this crazy rap song lyric.
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