10 Crazy Snowboarding Tricks

If you are interested in being a snowboarder, then a great thing to have in your arsenal are 10 crazy snowboarding tricks. These tricks can be crazy for the simple fact that they are insanely difficult, or just that they look crazy awesome!

  1. 180 Grind. This is a crazy snowboarding trick in that it isn’t that difficult, assuming you are good at ollies, but it looks really cool. To do the 180 grind, simply do a 180 while jumping on or off the grinding surface.
  2. The 720. A crazy snowboarding trick because it is pretty hard to pull off. It is simply two full spins with your snowboard, but it sounds a lot easier than it actually is!
  3. The Front Flip. The front flip can be very dangerous. To do it all you need to do is lean forward while you’re in the air, but beware, if you don’t have enough air, this one could be deadly!
  4. The Nosegrab. Another trick that is crazier for its look than difficulty. To pull off the nosegrab simply ollie to get the air, then reach out and grab the nose of your snowboard and pull it towards you .
  5. The Japan is a crazy snowboarding trick that is not only difficult, but also cool looking. To do it, grab the midpoint of the board then using your feet, push it out in front of you.
  6. The 50/50 Grind. This is an awesome looking crazy grind that is pretty easy to pull off. You need to ollie when getting near the surface you are planning on grinding on, then positioning your board so its midpoint will be where it slides.
  7. The Method 720. This is definitely a crazy trick that requires a lot of focus. To do it, do your normal method by grabbing your board and then pushing it out with your feet, then adding two complete spins while doing it!
  8. The Hand Stand. This is a lip trick that looks really cool, but really only requires balance. Do it by getting up to the top of a ramp and holding there, but doing a headstand when you do.
  9. The Heelflip. This variation of the kickflip snowboarding/skateboarding trick looks really crazy, but is basically just kicking of the back of the board and flipping it from nose to tail.
  10. The McTwist. Easily one of the craziest snowboarding tricks, it is a 360 horizontal twist and a 540 vertical twist. Practice this one with great caution as it is hard to pull off!
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