10 Crazy Wrestling Moves

These are 10 crazy wrestling moves to entertain and excite the fans. If you want to wow the crowds you have to be a little daring and the only way to do that is with crazy wrestling moves. Just make sure to take the necessary precautions when performing these crazy wrestling moves or you could land you or your opponent in the emergency room.

  1. Airplane spin around. This crazy wrestling move will have you feeling dizzy. You take your opponent and lift him onto your shoulders; if you are strong enough. Spend him around until he starts feeling dizzy, then smash him down on the mat.
  2. Alley oop. Don’t get this crazy wrestling move confused with a basketball move. Lift your opponent onto your shoulders in the seated position, facing you. You then fall backwards sending your opponent flying onto his chest.
  3. Firemen carry and slam. You need endurance to perform this crazy wrestling move. Lift opponent across your shoulders, with one hand on the back of opponent’s thigh and other hand on his arm. Lean to the side as to toss your opponent, move hand behind his neck then slam him to the mat.
  4. Battering ram.  Lower your head and charge at your opponent like some crazed deer. Ram your head into his abdomen knocking the wind out of your opponent and knocking him off his feet. It comes in handy if you have an extremely large and hard head, when performing this crazy wrestling move.
  5. Black flip kick. You start off with your back to your opponent, using the element of surprise. You hit a backwards flip making contact with the top of your opponents head, either with one or both feet.
  6. Cannonball. This crazy wrestling move works best when the opponent is in the seated position. Start by charging at your opponent and performing a forward flip towards your opponent when he is sitting in the corner. If done right your back should land against your opponent’s chest and face, smashing him in the corner.
  7. Scissor head takedown. Your opponent is standing when you wrap your legs around his head and neck like a pair of scissors forcing him into a somersault move, causing him to land on the mat.
  8. Scoop slam. You will be facing your opponent when you lean over and reach between your opponents legs with one arm and put the other arm around his back. Things get crazy when you lift your opponent off his feet and turn him in the upside down position. You now have him in the perfect position to slam him down on the mat and dive on top of him.
  9. Camel clutch. Is a crazy wrestling move mint to cause intense pain? You start off by sitting on your opponents butt with his hands on the back of his thighs, under you. Now that you have him immobilize place your hands under his chin and lean backwards while pulling his head back; making your opponent scream in pain.
  10. Chicken wing. There are different variations of this crazy wrestling move. One is you grab your opponent from behind and force both arms behind his back as if doing the chicken dance. Once you have your opponent in this position you can do combination of other crazy wrestling moves.
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