10 Creative First Date Ideas

These 10 creative first date ideas will help you get your new relationship off on the right foot. Spare yourself the aggravation of falling for someone who will break your heart by having a first date that will positively determine your future.

  1. Kidnapping. Plan a surprise date. Ask her out, but don't nail down the specifics. Then, out of the blue, show up at her office or home and kidnap your date for the day. Have a full slate of activities planned well in advance that you know she'll love and whisk her off her feet with a creative first date idea that will start your relationship with an unexpected twist.
  2. The Zoo. Find out of she's an animal rights activist before you pull this one. If you don't and she is, it'll be a day of discourse of diatribes on the relativity of ethics. If not, you'll have a good time on this creative first date. Don't worry about being afraid of snakes: she'll probably think it's cute when you shriek like a child and leap into her arms in the reptile house.
  3. Get High. In more rural areas, you’ll want to do this during the day, while in urban environments, after dark. Take your date to the top of a mountain. In the city, go the roof of a building, and witness the million sparkles of a metropolis at night. The grandeur of the view will create a romantic mood, and the romance of the situation will start your new relationship on the right note.
  4. Tap That. You'll have to be in the Northeast or willing to travel great distances for this creative first date idea. Wandering around the woods of New England tapping trees for maple syrup is a great learning process that will familiarize you with something we all love, while the setting of the Northeast's forest is both beautiful and isolated, give you lots of time to talk and lots to talk about. 
  5. A Walk. This one’s so simple it sound stupid. But what better way is there to get to know someone than walking and talking? Grab a coffee and a snack, put on comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes, and let the whims of your feet take you on your first step of a new relationship.
  6. A Concert. Do some investigative work. Find out who her favorite artist is and get her tickets to the show. It's possible that either you or she has horrible taste in music, so this one might be dicey. If she likes John Mayer, you might accidentally hear Slayer, if you catch our drift. If she says Slayer and you're thinking John Mayer, you'll just have to man up and take some Reign of Blood for team on this creative first date.
  7. Dance Classes. This creative first date will give you something you can share for the rest of your relationship. Remember that dance classes aren't inherently queer. Find your neighborhood Salsa or Kumbia joint, sign the two of you up, and take her out for a little Latin heat and intense, sensual activity.
  8. The Belly of a Whale. Both Pinocchio and Jonah were interred in whale innards, to eventually emerge improved men. An isolated place that is new to both parties is a great creative first date; it allows you to be more open, and less self-conscious, and gives way to revealing character traits that will help determine whether a second date is in the cards. 
  9. An Interactive Museum. Traditional museums are dicey date territory., with their black-clad academic windbags lurking in corners, offering lectures on everything you already know about British abstract expressionist Ben Nicholson. Interactive museums, however, tend to be less self-serious, and offer a wide range of activities for you to get in on together. It's a fun and conspiratorial ambiance, and a great creative first date.    
  10. Your Favorite Place. Take her to your favorite place. This creative first date idea will help your date understand you in a more nuanced light than a traditional first date, though of course if your favorite place is a strip club you run the risk of coming off like a douche…unless your date is a stripper.  
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