10 Creative Ideas For Table Centerpieces

If you are looking for a unique way to decorate your table, consider any of the 10 creative ideas for table centerpieces listed here. Oftentimes, the most simple design makes the largest impression, thus there is no need to spend a large amount of money on a unique centerpiece. Simplicity is the key.

Cocktail glasses can be used in many different ways to showcase your table. Some of these creative ideas for table centerpieces include the following:

  1. Fill several cocktail glasses, such as margarita or martini glasses, with floating candles and dim the lights. The collection of cocktail glasses make a sophisticated centerpiece and the candles set a romantic mood.
  2. Gather together a combination of clear and lightly colored cocktail glasses of varying heights and widths. Fill the glasses with artificial snow and add colorful objects, such as small glass ornaments, candies, decorative marble, beads, and so on. Top each glass with a small cocktail umbrella.

Seashells are other creative ideas for table centerpieces. Use them in either of these creative ways:

  1. Hosting a beach-themed dinner or party? You can create a stunning table centerpiece by attractively arranging seashells in small bowls, on large trays, or on large serving platters. Use decorative sand as a base, and decorate with seashells, sea sponge, and small pieces of coral.
  2. Place a candle in the middle of a medium size plate, and surround it with decorative marbles. Hot glue a few seashells around the base, and insert small artificial flowers all around the bottom of each plate. This is one of those creative ideas for table centerpieces that is easy to make yourself, and can be reused time and time again.

Food can be used as creative ideas for table centerpieces, but this idea is often overlooked. Try any of the following delicious ideas:

  1. Make an edible table centerpiece by using a pumpkin or cantaloupe as a base. Make skewers of grapes, strawberries, cheese squares, sliced pineapple, etc., and push the skewers into the base. This centerpiece will serve as both an appetizer and a decoration.
  2. Cupcake tiers can be used to hold several small cakes in a decorative manner. Decorate the cupcakes according to your party theme and arrange them in the tier. Use glitter confetti to make the table sparkle and shine, and add a bit of magic to the table.
  3. Lemons, oranges and limes make for a simple centerpiece. When cut, the citrus fruit leaves the table smelling invigorating. The colors are perfect for a springtime table or party, and they are very inexpensive to use. Creative ideas for table centerpieces with fruit include slicing the fruit and arranging them on colorful plates, or cutting them in half and leaving them in decorative bowls or glasses.
  4. Paula Deen, famous for her Southern cooking and hospitality, recommends using donut holes, toothpicks, and a Styrofoam cone to create an edible centerpiece for any occasion. Simply skewer each donut hole with a toothpick, and place on the cone. Creative ideas for table centerpieces using donut holes seem to work best with glazed or chocolate donuts.

Creative ideas for table centerpieces can include items you already have around your home. For example, photographs add a personal touch to any table. Consider this:

  1. Let's say that you are hosting a birthday party for a friend. A collection of photographs of your friend at varying ages will be a hit at the party. Childhood photos, high school pictures, and a few candid shots will make a terrific centerpiece.
  2. Select some of your best nature shots and have them all enlarged to the same size. Ask that they all be developed in black-and-white, and display them in sophisticated black frames. These photos will add a sophisticated look to any table, and will serve as a conversation piece among guests.

As you can see, these 10 creative ideas for table centerpieces are easy to create, and can be done with very little money. How you decide to decorate your table can reflect the entire mood of the evening, so be imaginative and use materials that go with your party or dinner theme.

SOURCE: Paula Deen Magazine

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