10 Creative Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Here is a list of 10 creative ways to ask a girl out. Asking out a girl can be incredibly nerve-racking. If you really like the girl, you don’t want to use any of those cheesy pick up lines. So do something creative! Ask her out in a non-traditional way that will surely make her say yes.

  1. Get a white T-shirt and decorate it with a little message for her. Take some markers or spray paint and write out the message “Will you go out with me?” Show up at the front door of her house, her locker, her car, etc. and get her to look at your shirt.
  2. Create a trail of Hershey’s kisses. Start the trail at her front doorway of her house. Have the trail lead somewhere secluded and stand at the end of it. Hold a sign saying something cute such as “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you walk on, will you do me the honor of going out with me?”
  3. Use a fortune cookie to ask her out. Slip a little note into the fortune cookie. Express that you wish to go out with her. Get a small takeout box from a nearby Chinese restaurant and deliver it to her yourself or have it delivered by someone else.
  4. Get a piñata and fill it with candy and a secret letter! Leave the piñata somewhere that she is sure to see it. Leave a note telling her to break it open and a bat or stick so she can do so. Fill the piñata with candy and a letter confessing your fondness of her and desire to go out with her.
  5. Draw a chalk outline of yourself outside of her house. Leave a note the message, “I’d die to go out with you. Please go out with me?” At the end of the note sign your name. This creative idea should leave her giggling.
  6. Serenade her. Write a song for her and surprise her at school or home by singing it for her. At the end of the song write a few lyrics asking her out. She will love it — every girl wishes a song would be written especially for her.
  7. Tape a note asking her out to a remote control car. Knock on her front door and quickly hide. When she answers the door drive the remote controlled car up to her and deliver the note.
  8. Propose to her. Get a ring box and put a tiny message inside saying, “Go out with me?” Make sure you get her full attention. Once you have her attention, get down on one knee and present the ring box to her. This creative idea will completely surprise her.
  9. Make your own crossword puzzle. Create the crossword puzzle so that the message, “Will you go out with me?” and your name will be the end result of her finishing the puzzle. This idea will be fun for her and its quite creative.
  10. Purchase one of those teddy bears that have a voice recorder inside. Record yourself asking her out and then present the teddy bear to her. She will love this creative idea because not only does she get to go out with you, she has a souvenir!
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