10 Cute Baby Songs

Here are 10 cute baby songs for you new parents. Baby songs are the most adorable pieces of music that can be come across in this modern era of socio-political complications. Basically they are rhyming couplets that use ordinary language, which is comprehensible for the young child or baby. Cute baby songs, more often known as “Lullabys” help to cuddle little babies into sleep. Therefore, every parent needs to learn at least one cute baby song to sing to her little one.  Who knows, you might even get to make some funny baby videos while singing to your baby!

  1. "Cuppy Cake Song": The most adorable and cutest baby song ever created is the cuppy cake song whose singer happens to be a tiny child. The cute quality of the song has amused hundreds of people big and small since its creation.
  2. "All The Pretty Little Horses":This lyrical composition revolves around the idea of hushing up the little baby who is crying.
  3. "Baby And I":This cute baby song includes just one stanza that is sung as many numbers of times as desired.
  4. "Baby Dolly":A small and concise song, which is easy to learn for the parent.
  5. "Kiss When I Wake":This is a cute baby song that talks of a child asking of his/ her parent’s affection as it opens its eyes to the world.
  6. "You’re My Favorite Baby In The World":This is a descriptive song based more on making sense rather than rhyme. It is written in blank verse.
  7. "Baby Mine":It is a cute baby song that is aimed to lull the baby to sleep due to its mellow musical quality.
  8. "Alphabet Song":This song is one which encapsulates the English alphabets necessary for the baby to learn. The tone is light and musical which makes it all the more interesting.
  9. "Old Mcdonald Had A Farm":This is a famous baby song that uses animal names to serve as a mode of learning and interest for the young child or baby.
  10. "Popeye The Sailor Man":The song is a famous compilation usually heard on TV, more often on cartoon channels specially designed for young children. Analyzing its musical nature, it is a very cute baby song.
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