10 Cute Bikini Models

Wondering who belongs on a list of 10 cute bikini models? Bikini models are cute, to say the very least, and often must be more along the lines of drop-dead gorgeous, exotic and  to actually be included in coveted top 10, 50 or 100 woman lists every spring and summer, just in time for bikini season. Every year there are a new crop of these bikini models with new bikinis and new poses. Here are 10 who've caught our eye.

  1. Ashley Greene: Leggy and ravishing (despite her slight 5'5" frame), Ashley Greene is a sometimes model, mostly actress, with an all-American name and accompanying all-American looks to boot. But what's really stunning is seeing Greene laid out on the beach in a painted-on bikini for the 2010 swimsuit edition of "Sport's Illustrated." Hot stuff.
  2. Sonia Dara: Not everything is perfect about "Sports Illustrated" bikini model Sonia Dara and that's refreshing. She is Indian and therefore naturally exotic, and her oversized features at times are endearingly awkward. But her delicate body is just about flawless—ideal for most bikinis (and magazine spreads).
  3. Candice Swanpoel: Known best for her work with Victoria's Secret, this South African model could be seen as that cute girl in the coffee shop or the supermodel rolling sexually in a bikini on a white sand beach somewhere in the South Pacific. Easy mistake.
  4. Jessica Gomes: An Asian, Australian beauty, Jessica Gomes may be the quintessential girl next door with an exotic hint. You will only think that before she changes into her bikini…
  5. Anna Ivanovic: You had to figure Eastern Europeans would make this list in some form or fashion yet Anna Ivanovic is the definition of cute and different. She's not your skinny, model-esque Soviet block supermodel but rather a curvy, voluptuous girl who is the very definition of natural.
  6. Damaris Lewis: A native New Yorker, Damaris Lewis's beauty takes you a bit by surprise at first, as she doesn't jump out at you as a world-traveling bikini model. That said, keep looking. You'll believe it after a few photos, at most.
  7. Genevieve Morton: A cuter version of a bikini model from the early '60s, South African Genevieve Morton is a girl who makes you wish you could travel back in time, while simultaneously being grateful to have her in ours. 
  8. Frankie Sanford: Girls named Frankie are always trouble and this one appears to be following suit, with her short, boyish haircut, natural body and eyes that say volumes about things she can't talk about in polite company.
  9. Julie Ordon: Porcelain-skinned Julie Ordon has those exotic eyes and lips which will stop you in your tracks, but she can also double as a woman with a body meant for showing off a beautiful bikini in any environment.
  10. Deanna Russo: The naturally beautiful Floridian doubles as both a television actress and bikini model, with eyes that will draw you in as much as her bikini does.
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