10 Cute Songs For Couples

Whether you're making a playlist for that special someone or trying to make a romantic mix CD, here are 10 cute songs for couples. Some are fairly obvious, while some of the other lesser known.

  1. "Our Song" by Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is the queen of girly love songs. "Our Song" is catchy, but still relatable to everyday people. This song is especially appropriate when younger couples are involved.
  2. "She's in Love With the Boy" by Trisha Yearwood. "She's in Love With the Boy" is an adorable song about young love persevering against the odds. This cute song is definitely one to consider if you and that special someone have stood by each other through hard times.
  3. "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes. "First Day of My Life" is certainly a cute couple song to consider if you and your honey have a more alternative taste in music. It has a medium tempo, but it has a mellow feeling to it.
  4. "Captains and Cruise Ships" by Owl City. "Captains and Cruise Ships" is a very cute love song for couples. This song would have even more of a special meaning to you and that special someone if you're dealing with a long distance relationship.
  5. "Romeo and Juliet" by The Killers. The Killers aren't a band that you'd expect to perform a cute love song for couples. However, they surprise with "Romeo and Juliet." This song would be a good choice for you and your significant other if you're into alternative music.
  6. "Poor Song" by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. "Poor Song" is another excellent choice if you're into alternative music. It's a cute song without being too cheesy. It's also a song that has a slower tempo, so it'd be good for a mellow kind of mood.
  7. "Right Kind of Wrong" by LeAnn Rimes. "Right Kind of Wrong" is an upbeat, catchy song. This song would be especially appropriate if your love is of the more dangerous persuasion.
  8. "Soul Meets Body" by Death Cab For Cutie. "Soul Meets Body" is an up-tempo, cheerful song that's sure to lighten your mood. It'd be an excellent cute couple song for you and your love if you're into feeling happy
  9. "Broken" by Seether Feat. Amy Lee "Broken" is an amazing song featuring Amy Lee from Evanescense. If you and your honey are into a more metal sound, then this song would be a good choice for you.
  10. "Soco Amaretto Lime" by Brand New. "Soco Amaretto Lime" is a very cute song about taking on the world together. One of the best lyrics from this song is "They're just jealous 'cause we're young and in love."  It's another up-tempo, happy song.
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