10 Cute Techno Songs

If you have a really sweet girlfriend, you might try impressing her with one or more of these 10 cute techno songs. Techno songs can be really fun to listen to, particularly if you're in a good mood. They can also cheer someone up when they're down in the dumps, and they are great songs to send a message to someone special. If you're looking for some good examples of cute techno songs, be sure to give these a listen. 

  1. "Technologic" by Daft Punk: "Technologic" is very creative as well as being one of the best cute techno songs, because it manages to create a very addictive song by stringing a bunch of seemingly random words all together, in time to the music.
  2. "All I Ever Wanted" by Basshunter: Jonas Erik Altberg began making music in 1999, using the popular Fruity Loops computer program. "All I Ever Wanted," an English version of his song "Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA," was released in 2008. Most of his songs are common choices for cute techno songs, though "All I Ever Wanted" is a popular favorite.
  3. "Feel Fine" by Tune Up!: With synthesized lyrics like, "I feel fine fine fine for you," and a great booming beat, it's easy to see why Tune Up! made the list of best cute techno songs. If you enjoy this one, be sure to check out "Raver's Fantasy" as well.
  4. "Look At Us Now" by Sarina Paris: If you're looking for one of the best cute techno songs that has a really positive message, be sure to give this one a listen. Telling the tale of a couple who weren't supposed to make it, this song about beating the odds is very endearing as well as cute and catchy.
  5. "Sound of My Dream" by East Rockerz, remixed by DJ Splash: East Rockerz's song "Sound of My Dream" was a good tune, but it was slow and tended to drag on. DJ Splash stepped in, sped it up and added some great sounds to create a legendary remix. If you like a fast beat on your cute techno songs, try this track on for size.
  6. "I'll Fly With You" Gigi D'Agostino: Gigi D'Agostino is an Italian DJ/remixer that's well-known around the British dance scene. His smash hit, "I'll Fly With You" was released in 2001 and remains one of the top cute techno songs nearly a decade later.
  7. "First Love" by Uffie: If you're looking for a slower song that still qualifies as one of the best cute techno songs, you should give "First Love" a shot. Uffie has a great understated sound with a great beat. You don't find too many with this unique sound.
  8. "Fly Away" by Visa: The top contender in bouncy cute techno songs that make you want to pogo has to be Visa's "Fly Away." Unlike many of the other best cute techno songs, this one doesn't have computer-enhanced voices, but the beat is crazy-fast and super fun. The lyrics also send a very positive message, telling how open minds can grant you freedom.
  9. "Hampster Dance" by Hampton the Hamster: Ironically, one of the most popular cute techno songs wasn't, in fact, a techno song at all. The "Hampster Dance" was originally a sped up version of the song, "Whistle Stop" from the Disney cartoon "Robin Hood," which was used as an annoying internet meme. Eventually, the song was picked up and given a techno beat (and the world has never been the same since).
  10. "Kiss Me" by Cansis: They may not have any cute little dogs or ruby slippers, but Cansis certainly has one of the best cute techno songs to be found. "Kiss me. Kiss me. Kiss me again." Who could refuse?
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