10 Cute Wedding Songs

If you need a little help with your wedding play list, here are 10 cute wedding songs you should consider. For the rest of your life, you will remember the songs played at your wedding. Its important to pick the songs very carefully—you want to send the right message and make your wedding a positive experience that you will never forget.

  1.  “I Can't Help Falling in Love with You,” by Elvis Presley. Your new wife will feel as though its impossible for you not to love her. Let her know that you simply couldn’t help but to fall in love with her.
  2. “The Luckiest,” by Ben Folds. This song will express to your new bride how lucky you feel to be with her. This cute little song would be perfect for any wedding.
  3. “Just the Way You Are,” by Billy Joel. This cute song by Billy Joel will tell your new wife everything she needs to hear—you love her just the way she is. She will always be special to you no matter what.
  4. “Never Let You Go,” by Third Eye Blind. This cute song will make your wife feels as though you will never let her go—you will always love and be there for her. Friends might come and go, time will move on, but that doesn’t matter because you’ll never leave her.
  5. “Just The Way You Are,” by Bruno Mars. This is more modern song that will tell your new wife that she’s prefect just the way she is. This song will make her feel incredibly special.
  6. “Till There Was You,” by The Beatles. This cute song would be great to play at your wedding, as it sets a very loving mood. It conveys the message that life didn’t really start until you met her. She will feel very loved.
  7. “Thank You For Loving Me,” by Bon Jovi. Saying thank you and showing appreciation can be a little hard for a guy to do sometimes. Playing “Thank You For Loving Me,” at your wedding will allow you to say thank you for everything—her love especially.
  8. “Heaven,” by Bryan Adams. She will feel as though being with her is heaven. Let her know that she’s all you want for the rest of your life. One of the most important messages being conveyed in this song is that loving her is all you need to be happy.
  9. “Angel Eyes,” by the Jeff Healey Band. This song will make you think about how the two of you fell in love and what you did to win her over. The two of you are starting a new life together and this song will help you remember how you started, bringing back those excited, giddy feelings all over again.
  10. “Can't Take My Eyes off You,” by Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons. Make your new wife feel like her beauty is almost too much to handle. Let her know that you think she’s too good to be true. This song is very tastefully done and would be cute to play at your wedding.
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