10 Cycling Track Tips

If you learn just 10 cycling track tips, you can significantly improve your riding abilities. These tips range from improving physical skills, to making sure you eat right, dress right, and wear the right clothing. These may not transform you into the next Lance Armstrong, but you'll certainly make great strides forward.

  1. Pedaling using the smooth pedal stroke. The first thing you'll want to do, in order to practice this initial cycling track tip, is ride on a fixed gear bike to do it. The reason for using this type of cycle is it will force you to train your attention on the technique of peddling, in addition to getting stronger and faster. After all, the function  of fixed-gear bikes make it so you must continue to pedal the vehicle, if you want to stay in motion. Now, if you're not yet a veteran rider, think about placing your on a stationary trainer the first few times through.
  2. One-leg pedaling. Another fine way to increase your pedaling strength is by practicing one-leg pedaling. By mastering pedaling in full 360-degree circles, with each leg working in concert together, will make you a much better rider. And by practicing the one-legged drill, you will drill–so to speak–this idea into your overall riding style. To practice this cycling track tip, get warmed up on a trainer bike for around 20 minutes. Then, undo one foot from its pedal, and rest it on something raised, like a chair, right next to the left pedal circle.
  3. Develop a cadence. Another good cycling track tip is to increase your pedaling cadence. Shoot for an even spin between 8 and 100 rpm. Like a lot of this, such as boxing and other sports, the rhythm and cadence you master will help you be more consistent.
  4. Work on shifting. This next cycling track tip involves shifting.  The key to successful shifting is anticipation. Be aware early when you need a lower gear and lower it just a little early. Also, keep your pedal pressure in mind while applying this cycling track tip because any shifting done while there is medium pressure is the most optimal time to being a consisting and speedy shift.
  5. Paceline training. When you can, take the cycling track tip of doing paceline training. Get a few friends together at a favorite hill that's many hundred yards long, yet not particularly steep. Ascend it in a paceline, by pedaling smoothing and keeping 12-18 inches of distance between each other. The most important factor is to do this drill slowly, only about 5-7 mph.
  6. Working on cornering. It'll help you a great deal if you take the cycling track tip of improving your cornering. Many riders slow down too much. To avoid slowing down more than you need to, shift to a lower gear before you corner. Also, work on standing instead of sitting when you come out of a curve.
  7. Precision steering — Proper precision steering involves watching where you want to go, and is a worthy cycling track tip. To improve this steering, make sure your eyes trained 20-30 feet ahead of you. Also, try not to look down at the front wheel. When you do this, you'll find yourself frequently making steering corrections that cause you to wobble. Also remember this: Focus on where you want to go, not on any obstacle you want to avoid running into.
  8. Eat right. Always bring fast carbs, such as granola bars or bananas. You are what you eat, and your focus while riding will increase when you fuel yourself correctly.
  9. Drink right. Don't forget to bring lots of water. If you become dehydrated, all the right technique in the world won't help you at all. So be sure your water is fresh and available, which is a cycling tip every rider should follow.
  10. Wear the right clothes. Wear proper, tight bike wear which is a cycling track tip that will increase you speed. Wear tight riding shorts and bright colors so you can be easily seen by motorists.
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