10 Dangerous Places To Travel

Based on this list of 10 dangerous places to travel, It's tough to say whether there are more dangerous places to travel in the world than there were in the past. This may be partly because it has become easier to access these dangerous places then ever before, or because we know about more of these dangerous places, causing thrill seekers and the darkly curious to seek out these dangerous vacations. Regardless, here's a list as of 2010 of the 10 places you have an excellent chance of being, getting injured, raped, robbed, kidnapped or at least being terrified at some point during your vacation.

  1. Iran. There aren't many countries which openly hate Westerners as much as Iran and there has been threat of war between the two "worlds" for most of a decade now. The country is run by religious Mullahs and while you would probably be left alone if you visited the country for a short period of time, don't plan on doing anything or extending your stay. Expect to be questioned and watched by the government.
  2. Iraq. The war there is "over" but public suicide bombings, kidnappings and random skirmishes are still commonplace every few months. Not to mention the fact a good portion of the population doesn't like Western culture or want anything to do with it.
  3. Afghanistan. There's still a war going on in Afghanistan and there probably will be for some time to come. Avoiding a war zone is no-brainer, though if you are a thrill-seeker, keep in mind trained American Marines are killed regularly by the locals. So imagine what will happen when you try to snap a picture?
  4. North Korea. If you can even figure out a way to visit the communist country, you'll be watched every second you are there and have an excellent chance of ending up in a North Korean prison, or worse. A country who seems to be on the verge of war with their charming Southern counterparts, North Korea seems to be looking for a reason to cause trouble. Your vacation could be it.
  5. Somalia. An incredibly poor populous regularly on the verge of starvation leads to bands of criminals and Warlords lurking throughout the country. Kidnapping a Westerner and holding them for ransom, or just robbing and killing them, is well worth the risk.
  6. Sudan. Sudanese tribes are committing genocide against their own people and are desperate enough to kill, kidnap or rob anyone who they think is a threat to their cause, or can help them get what they want. 
  7. Colombia. Colombia has rebels still controlling a good part of their country who help drug lords run pure cocaine and regularly kidnap Westerners for ransom money, sending cut-off ears to relatives. Not exactly vacation material.
  8. Pakistan. Bordering Afghanistan on one side and threatening India with war on the other, Pakistan has an underground of Al Qaeda loyalists and other anti-Western religious nut jobs who might decide, on a whim, to kidnap and execute a Westerner, if it meets their current needs.
  9. Nigeria. Nigeria is an African nation which is pretty heavy in violent crime due to a weak government. What's scariest about this is that many of these violent crimes occur just about anywhere and without political motivation.
  10. Yemen. While there are a lot of places which have cooled-off considerably in the Middle East, Yemen has kept their hostility towards Westerners alive and well. A good number terrorists are groomed here and aren't a fan of Americans clicking photos in their backyard.



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