10 Date Night Ideas For Married Couples With Kids

Those who have children may have trouble coming up with just one good idea, let alone the best 10 date night ideas for married couples with kids. After you have figured out what to do with the kids (take advantage of community or religious center children’s activities nights, hire a babysitter, pay older siblings, or trade with other married couples with kids), you can pick from one of these great ideas for a fun date night.

  1. Catch happy hour at a local bar. Usually, they serve reduced-price drinks, and some even have heavy hors d’ouevres. This is an especially good idea for those with time constraints, as happy hours are usually for a set period of time.

  2. Catch a movie matinee. Stop splitting hairs, it’s still a date. Besides, matinee prices are usually cheaper, and matinee times are most often perfect for married couples with kids. You are already home before bedtime, and babysitters can earn a little money before they leave on their own date night.

  3. Go shopping. Men, I know this may not sound like a fun idea to you, much less a date night idea, but think about this. How often does she have to shop while trying to watch and corral kids? And, you never know; in her more relaxed mood, she might just be more fun to shop with.

  4. Have a date night at home. Either arrange to take the kids to someone else’s house, or wait until they are asleep. Then, order a nice dinner from a place that delivers full meals, rather than just pizza, sandwiches, etc. Or, order in advance from a place that prepares meals that can be picked up and re-heated at home.

  5. Go for a drive. When you first glance at this, you might wonder how this can be considered a date for a married couple. Well, remember what you used to do on your dates when you were single? And, younger? That’s right! Go parking! For that matter, if you can afford to spend the money on a moderately-priced motel room, then go ahead and rent one for a few hours. The slightly “naughty” feeling you’ll have will make the date night that much more enjoyable.

  6. Go to somebody’s high school homecoming game. If you graduated from the same high school, reliving shared memories will be fun in itself. But, if you graduated from different high schools, you can do this twice, if the games are held on different nights.

  7. Wait until the kids have gone to bed and bring out a board game meant for adults. Spice it up by making the stakes a little more, uh, interesting. The loser has to perform a strip tease or fulfill the winner’s every desire. Properly done, this may turn out to be the most enjoyable of the best ten date night ideas for married couples with kids.

  8. Go to a free or reduced-price concert. Many college campuses sponsor such events. If you are a college graduate still living close to your alma mater, your alumni office can provide information on upcoming concerts.

  9. During the Christmas season, leave the kids at home and take just you and your spouse on a tour of Christmas lights. Go to a professional display, such as those put on by zoos, botanical gardens, and other places, or just drive to a different neighborhood than yours and enjoy the sights together. Afterward, go somewhere for hot chocolate.

  10. Continuing the holiday theme, go to dinner together, and then do the Christmas shopping together. Men, don’t leave this completely up to your wife. Share it with her. The dinner out will be a nice touch and having someone along to help her carry packages will make it even more enjoyable.

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