10 Dating Rules For Men

Want to know the 10 dating rules for men? Believe it or not fellas, there are certain dating rules for men. What, did you think you'd just enter the dating game with a helmet and pads and start tackling women? That's not an approach that would go over too well with the female species. Maybe you think life's like a 50 Cent video. You know, where women just fall in your lap because you have a catchy theme song playing. Ummm, no. The rest of us need to adhere to certain dating rules to actually perform well in the dating game.

  1. Presentation is key. This is a very important dating rule for guys. A woman is assessing your total physical package before you even approach her. By the time you open your mouth, she's already got a good idea about whether she's going to give you a chance. With that said, you can't be a slob. The only time its ok to talk to a woman in a t-shirt and sweats is at the gym. Keep that stuff in the closet any other time.
  2. Good hygiene isn't an option. This goes hand in hand with your presentation but this dating rule is so important we need to talk about it separately. Clean skin, nails, and nicely groomed hair and facial hair are a necessity. A light scent of some good cologne is a plus as well.
  3. If it's gaudy, do without. If you're in to wearing jewelry, don't wear that huge thugged out costume garbage. Dating rule: if it takes too much attention away from you, get rid of it.
  4. Self confidence is a must. No woman wants some wounded calf to look after. You need to be that Alpha male; confidence is sexy, being self loathing is the greatest form of self blocking ever. Get that toxic mess out of your system or there's no point to trying to meet women.
  5. Don't mistake arrogance with confidence. Self confidence isn't bragging about what you're good at and it's not belittling what others are into either. Check that high and mighty garbage at the door.
  6. Pay attention to her. When you finally hit the town with your love interest, absorb as much info about her as you can without interrogating her. The point to dating his to find someone compatible with you right? So engage her in real conversation, listen and respond. Keep her talking, the more, the better.
  7. Be interesting. This is the flip side to paying attention to her, you want her to pay attention to you as well. Dating rule: don't bore the poor girl away from you. Stay away from cliche conversation. It's important that you separate yourself from the pack here. Don't be like every other guy. It's ok to tell her she's pretty but acknowledge other things about her. These last two dating rules for men can mean the difference between date numbers two and three or you getting deleted out of her contacts.
  8. Be different. Think of this dating rule as the facilitator for the previous two rules to be implemented. Don't take her on an average dinner and a movie outing. You should've spoken with the girl before the first date at some point so try to choose something she'd have a direct interest in. An outing where you guys can spend time talking is a must. The more talking you do (provided you follow the previous two rules), the better. You want her to develop a level of comfort with you.
  9. Make her miss you. After you've made that good impression, don't ruin it by trying to monopolize her time. Give her time to think about the time you've spent. Give her time to want more. Don't be a jerk and ignore the poor girl either.
  10. Sometimes it doesn't work. Sometimes the girl you're dealing with just isn't a good match and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Dating rule: If it doesn't work, get over it. There's plenty of fish to catch so get out there and flex your pole.
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