10 Dead Female Rock Stars

Looking for a list of 10 dead female rock stars? When it comes to rock 'n roll the term live hard die young often is taken too literally. We've come up with a list of 10 dead female artists. See if any are among your favorite musicians. 

  1. Janis Joplin 1943 to 1970 Janis is probably the most well known female rock star who has passed. She was an amazing talent but had problems with drugs and alcohol for many years. Janis died from a heroine overdose in 1970.
  2. Cass Eliot 1941 to 1974 Also known as Mama Cass, Cass was best known for singing with the Mama and Papa's. She died in her sleep in London apparently from a heart attack. There were rumors for years that Cass died from choking on a sandwich which were most likely started from a cruel rumor relating to her obesity. Cass left behind two daughters. 
  3. Wendy O Williams 1949 to 1998 Wendy was the lead singer of the Punk Rock band, the Plasmatics. She died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. Wendy attempted to commit suicide three times in her life.
  4. Nico 1938 to 1988 Nico was a Warhol prodigy and a German model and musician. She's known mostly from her work with the band The Velvet Underground. Nico died of a severe cerebral hemorrhage after a slight heart attack and fall while riding her bike. The heart attack was initially overlooked due to the head injury Nico sustained during the accident. 
  5. Kirsty MacColl 1959 to 2000 Kristy was an English musician who was killed by a power boat while scuba diving. She was best known for collaborating with the Pogues. Kristy died a hero, as she saved the life of her partner and son by pushing them out of the path of the boat before getting struck herself. 
  6. Sandy Denny 1947 to 1978 was a folk singer who also sang on Led Zepplin's "Battle Of Evermore." Sandy died from a brain hemorrhage after a fall down a flight of steps.
  7. Big Mama Thornton 1928 to 1984 Willie Mae Thornton was the original singer of the song "Hound Dog," which was later covered by Elvis. After years of alcohol abuse,"Mama" died from a heart attack at age fifty-seven. 
  8. Kristen Pfaff 1967 to 1994 Kristen was the bass player for the group Hole. After moving to Seattle in 1993, her recreational drug use became a chronic habit. Kristen died of a heroin overdose in June of 1994.
  9. Laura Brannigan 1957 to 2004 was a popular singer songwriter with a number of hits including "Gloria" in the early eighties. Laura died of a brain aneurysm. 
  10. Laura Nyron 1947 to 1997 was an accomplished singer and lyricist and was best known for her song "Wedding Bell Blues." She died of ovarian cancer when she was forty nine years old. 
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