10 Decorating Ideas On A Budget

When you do not have a lot of money it can be difficult to decorate your home but there are at least 10 decorating ideas on a budget that you can do to spice up your bachelor pad. All it takes is a little creativity to turn decorating ideas into budget friendly options.

  1. Use paint. Paint is one of the cheapest decorating ideas that can be done on a budget. Not only is it cheap but it also makes a huge impact. Freshen up a room by adding new paint to the walls or paint an old piece of furniture in your basement to use in your living room.
  2. Stain your cabinets. Stain is a great decorating idea on a budget to give a face-lift to a kitchen. Stain the cabinets in your kitchen a darker color to bring them up to date. Adding new handles and pulls will accentuate the newly stained cabinets and can cost very little.
  3. Make your own art. Frame your favorite picture or pull out some canvas and create your own painting to hang on the wall. Creating your own art is a much cheaper option than purchasing expensive artwork.
  4. Replace your throws and pillows. Give your living room a redo just by replacing the old pillows and throws that you have lying around.
  5. Purchase a new slipcover. Instead of ruining your budget by buying a brand new couch, purchase a new slipcover. It will look like new without spending a great deal of money.
  6. Decorate with a new pet. Go for big statements for less money when thinking up decorating ideas. A betta fish is a great way to make a big decorating statement. Purchase a large glass bowl, line the bottom with small rocks and place a vine in it so the top hangs over the bowl and the roots are visible in the water for the fish to swim around in.
  7. Shop at flea markets and garage sales. Purchase used what others bought new at garage sales and flea markets.  Buy items others no longer need or want and you can often find items that look brand new.
  8. Don’t say no to hand-me-downs. Explain to your friends and family that you need to revamp your home decor and ask if they can help. Ask if they have furniture or decorating items that they no longer need. If you have style concerns, only ask those whose decorating style you enjoy.
  9. Hold a décor swap party. Invite all of your friends over for a décor swap party. Have everyone bring along the décor they no longer need and swap for new items for your home. Donate what doesn’t get taken by someone.
  10. Shop your own home. Refresh your bedroom by bringing in some paintings and lamps from your living room or move the curtains in your living room into your office for a brand new look.
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