10 Deer Hunting Tips And Tricks

There are plenty of deer hunting tips and tricks that every hunting enthusiast should know about. Knowing more about hunting deer will increase the likelyhood of you catching one. Below are ten tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when deer hunting.

  1. Hang your stand at least a month before hunting season. Doing this helps make sure the deer doesn't't pick up any changes in activity in their environment. Hunting the same day you hunt is pretty sure to scare the deer away.
  2. Hunt for deer in areas that deer are most likely to go to. For instance, water, food, downs and ground cover. Look for these areas and you should spot at least one deer a majority of the time.
  3. Stay away from the wind coming toward you. The direction of the wind determines if a deer can catch your scent. Since deer have an amazing sense of smell, even a little blow of the wind can catch a deer's attention.
  4. Go hunting early and stay out until after dark. The longer you hunt for deer, the more likely you are to catch one. The early morning and late evenings are the best times to catch a deer.
  5. Look for signs of deer. This is an important deer hunting tip. Bucks tend to leave rubs, scrapes and tracks during their movement. If you look and follow them, it will give you a good idea of the deer's direction of movement. If you don't see any of these signs, there's probably no deer around.
  6. If a storm is approaching, look for deer in alder thickens and thick stands of evergreens around swamps. Deer usually move to these areas when a storm is approaching. Just make sure you're out of there before the storm hits.
  7. Shoot from a prone position. This will make your shots more accurate. Closer shots are more powerful though and will give you a better chance of killing your deer with one single shot.
  8. Have good calling skills. This is also one of the most important deer hunting tips and tricks. Make sure you do not call too loud. Deer can hear 500 times more than humans, so your call should be more like a whisper. If you call to loud, you can actually scare deer away.
  9. Use camouflage to conceal yourself as much as possible while hunting. A deer will be less likely to spot you. It will also make your hunting easier by making you standout less.
  10. Question local hunters about where deer are seen the most. This will give you a better idea of where to hunt for deer in unknown areas where you are new to hunting. Make sure you always scope out the hunting area before you go.

These are the best deer hunting tips and tricks that all hunters preparing for hunting the season away should keep in mind when on the hunt.

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