10 Deer Hunting Trips

Going on any of these 10 deer hunting trips will give opportunity to have the best deer hunting experience. You may consider taking these trips if you are in search of great whitetail or mule deer hunting. 

  1. Illinois. You can embark on a deer hunting trip to West Central Illinois County where you can find the famous “Golden Triangle Area.” The place is famous for archery deer hunts every late October and early November. You will enjoy white tail deer hunting on this trip.
  2. Washington. If you consider having a deer hunting trip in Washington, go to the northeastern corner of the state where you can find hotspots for hunting deer. There are many private and public deer ranches where you can find a good amount of whitetails and mule deer and great terrain and rolling mountains that are perfect for deer hunting activity.
  3. Idaho. If you have eyes on hunting monster mule deer then you should go to southeast Idaho where you can find them in very abundant numbers. You may want to make the most of your deer hunting trip here by taking advantage of an elk and moose hunt along with your deer hunting.
  4. Iowa. Take a deer hunting trip along the south eastern and south central areas in Iowa where most of the bucks in the State of Iowa record books are found. The State hosts about over 250,000 hunters every year and there are about 340 public hunting areas to accommodate them.
  5. Texas. You can find good whitetail herds along the Western Edwards Plateau and some population of mule in the Trans Pecos area. There are many ranches and farms that are scattered along the state and the size of the deer will usually vary by region. You can find well nourished whitetails in less populated areas while mules prefer to stay on lower vegetation levels.
  6. Missouri. You can enjoy varieties of deer hunting experiences in Missouri such as crossbow, archery, muzzle loading, and firearms every mid-September through January. Popular places to experience a wonderful deer hunting trip would be the counties of Knox, Macon, Adair, and Shelby.
  7. Wisconsin. The state is the home of a thriving deer herd. You can find a number of great state wildlife areas for hunting deer and state parks and trails for hunting on this trip. Deer hunting in Wisconsin is highly regulated and you may need to apply for a hunting permit.
  8. Tennessee. You can be one of the over 200,000 expected visiting hunters annually if you take a Tennessee deer hunting trip. Most hunters find it comfortable to hunt deer in this area due to the state’s geographic location that gives it a milder winter as compared to other hunting areas.
  9. Alberta. You can harvest a trophy buck in Alberta, Canada. Take a trip along the river valleys and farmlands in both the southern and eastern Alberta to hunt for whitetail and mule deer.
  10. Arizona. You can find world-class mule deer here which makes Arizona a popular place to go for a deer hunting trip. The best season to hunt would be in the late December and January.



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