10 Destination Wedding Travel Tips

Getting married and looking for 10 destination wedding travel tips?  You want your honeymoon to be perfect and memorable for all the right reasons. Do some research in advance and don't be caught with your pants down. If your beautiful bride doesn't have a care in the world, all of her romantic energy will be focused on you. 

  1. Location, location, location. As the old saying goes, it's all about the location. There are beaches in Hawaii and there are beaches on the French Riviera. Do you have your heart set on a specific location or a certain type of wedding? Talk to your spouse about her dream wedding and make a list of potential destinations. It will make it easier to research, weighing the pros and cons of each location.
  2. Know how much your trip is going to cost and how you plan on paying for it. If you or your spouse is independently wealthy, the sky is the limit. Otherwise, you probably need to come up with a budget. A travel agent or an online resource might be your best bet for researching prices. Also, check into the local currency and exchange rates. Try to pick a wedding destination where you'll get the most bang for your buck.
  3. Check out your wedding destination's overall climate and what the weather is usually like. If your dream wedding is outdoors, you don't want it to get rained out. And you and your fiancé need to know what kind of clothes to pack. Don't assume anything based upon what you might think you know. There are plenty of weather resources online to reference.
  4. Become familiar with the local laws of your wedding destination. After all, you will be subject to the same laws as everyone else when you travel to your wedding destination. The U.S. Department of State's website offers country specific information, including crime, security, medical and health information for the locale.
  5. If you're getting married in a foreign country, be sure to find out if the marriage will be legally recognized once you return home. Be sure to research the marriage requirements of the country where you're being married. Some require blood tests and waiting periods. Also, make certain that the person performing your ceremony has the necessary qualifications/certifications.
  6. Check the U.S. Department of State's website for information on the official U.S. consulates, embassies and diplomatic missions. These government entities will be able to provide valuable and current information about your wedding destination. Also, they will be able to render assistance to you in the event you lose your passport or encounter some other hardship while traveling overseas.
  7. Consider a cruise or a vacation package which includes meals, transport and lodging. This would take all of the stress and worry of planning off your shoulders and place it squarely in the travel agent's court. For a busy couple, this may be an ideal compromise. Be sure to contact the cruise line or resort and be sure that they are able to furnish everything you'll need for your wedding, including the venue, flowers, music, the photographer, catering and, of course, someone to officiate the ceremony.
  8. If your new wife intends to take your last name, make sure that she books all reservations and tickets in her maiden name. This will save you a potential headaches and delays while you are traveling. Your wife will not be able to obtain new identification until after she has the marriage certificate. So put off having her assume your surname until after your return from your wedding destination.
  9. Be sure to take copies of your passport and keep the copies separate from the originals. Also, do not pack your original identification documents in checked luggage. Keep your passport and any other necessary travel documents on your person at all times.
  10. Unless you and your new wife intend to try and start a family right away, bring your own birth control. Don't trust in the ready availability or quality of birth control products when you travel. Instead, be sure to pack your own protection.
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