10 Diet Lunch Ideas

You are watching your weight and thinking about ten diet lunch ideas that will  keep you going throughout the rest of your work day. You don't have to sacrifice a satisfying meal just because your cutting back on the fat and calories. Lets look at these ten diet lunch ideas.

  1. Chicken soup and a green salad. This is a quick lunch you can prepare in less than five minutes. Use a good quality canned soup and fresh greens, tossed with a light vinaigrette and lots of fresh vegetables. Add a couple of crackers and you have a nice, low fat lunch that will keep you satisfied until dinner.
  2. Half a sandwich and a cup of tomato soup. Make sure the sandwich is made from lean meat such as tuna, or vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce. Add a slice of whole wheat bread. Of the ten diet lunch ideas, this is one of the simplest and most satisfying.
  3. Two slices of Cheddar or brie cheese, a pear and a slice of toast. This is a light and delicious way to stave off hunger. Of all the ten diet lunch ideas, this takes the least time to prepare.
  4. Cup of low fat yogurt with strawberries and a granola bar. This lunch is full of carbohydrates that will keep you energized during the mid day stretch. Carbohydrates are necessary in providing energy and helping you feel full.
  5. Caesar Salad with diced chicken and croutons. This is a hearty salad that provides protein as well as carbohydrates. This will keep you feeling full for hours. This is one of the ten diet lunch ideas that is an all-in-one solution to lunch.
  6. Two chicken soft tacos with a cup of black beans and half an avocado. Who says you can't eat Mexican food on a diet?! As long as you stay away from the fried items and limit the amount of cheese, you will be fine. This lunch is balanced and low in fat.
  7. A cup of pasta with olive oil, sun dried tomatoes and fresh Parmesan cheese. If you thought you couldn't eat pasta on a diet, you were mistaken as well. As long as the sauce is lean and the cheese is limited to hard Italian-style cheeses such as Parmesan, you can enjoy pasta in moderation. Pair this lunch with a nice green salad.
  8. Half a pound of New York steak with half a baked potato and steamed green beans. New York Steak is one of the leanest meats you can buy. Dress your potato with a little butter and non-fat yogurt to substitute for sour cream. Drizzle the beans with garlic olive oil and you have a healthy, low calorie lunch.
  9. Pocket Pita bread sandwich with lean turkey breast, Fetta cheese, tomatoes and yogurt sauce. This is a tasty combination that provide carbohydrates and protein. The yogurt sauce adds a rich flavor without the calories.
  10. Large bowl of chicken tortilla soup with a slice of whole wheat bread. Soup is a great way to stay full while cutting back on calories. As long as the soup has some protein and you pair it with a carbohydrate such as bread or tortillas, it will keep you satisfied and hydrated as well. This is another in the list of ten diet lunch ideas that has everything you need in one bowl.
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