10 Dieting Tips For College Students

The freshman fifteen is good enough reason to educate yourself on 10 dieting tips for college students. So easily these new scholars forget about their diet and give into the munchies. Learning the ten dieting tips for college students can ensure that your college experience is a healthy one.

  1. The most important meal of the day. Breakfast is what fuels you for the day. Don't rush out of your dorm room to class without eating something. It helps to speed up your metabolism, allowing you to burn calories for the day, making this an important part of the ten dieting tips for college students.
  2. Eat snacks. Find a healthy snack that is easy to carry around with you. So many college students forget to eat which causes weight gain that shouldn't have happened to begin with. Eat a handful of almonds or raw vegetables in between class and you will never have a need for ten dieting tips for college students.
  3. Hit the salad bar. While all of your friends are waiting for pizza, pile your plate up with greens. These vegetables are full of flavor and are great for you. They will fuel with you with enough energy to get through the day and you will walk away from lunch feeling satisfied.
  4. Drink your water. One of the most important of the ten dieting tips for college students is to stay hydrated. Sometimes, thirst is disguised as hunger and we unnecessarily eat because we think we need food. Imagine how many calories you would save if you skipped the french fries and drank a bottle of water instead.
  5. Hoof it. Instead of driving to class, walk if it's possible. And if that is not possible to walk from your dorm to class, take the long route within the buildings. Park your car far from the building and choose stairs over elevators. You will burn a ton of calories before you know it.
  6. Lift those books. Studying takes up a lot of time while in college. This may make it hard to find time to exercise. Use that 50 lb. biology book as a weight and begin curling it or lifting it over your head. Your history book may be able to give you bigger guns than the ones used in World War II and you never even knew it.
  7. Work it out. When you can get to the gym or outdoors for some exercise, bring a friend. Preferably a friend that is in another class with you so that you can study while you workout. You will be checking two of your to-do's off of your list by becoming smarter and healthier simultaneously. This is an important one of the ten dieting tips for college students.
  8. Treat yourself. You aren't being very fair to yourself if you don't take a day off. Eat Chinese food once in awhile along side your friends. Your body will appreciate the change and end up even more efficient.
  9. Party the right way. College students typically know how to have a good time. This means that you go out and have a few drinks to unwind on the weekend. Stay away from heavy beers or sugary mixed drinks. They are packed with calories that will cause you to gain weight quicker than you would believe. Try a light beer. Red wine is a great choice as it is filled with healthy antioxidants.
  10. Get some rest. Sleep is a key part of dieting correctly as a college student. If your schedule gets messed up so will your weight. Enough rest will prevent you from binge eating late at night. It will also give your metabolism time to take a break and it will give you enough time in the morning to eat a healthy breakfast.


College Student Diets 

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