10 Dirty Lines To Pick Up Women

What guy wouldn't like to have a list of 10 dirty lines to pick up women at his disposal? Sure, pickup lines don't always works. Sometimes they're cheesy and rude, especially the dirty ones. Still, when done properly and with the right girl, a pickup line can make her laugh, which is ultimately a good thing.

  1. I have a really small penis, want to come over to my house and see it?” Nobody likes a braggart. So go small. Brag about your lack of manhood. This dirty pickup line shows your tremendous self-confidence and it will at least get a chuckle out of her.
  2. “You are ugly. Want to have sex?” Word of warning: Only try to pick up attractive women with this line. Do not say this to ugly girls; that would just be mean and oddly cruel.
  3. “If you go home with me tonight, I can take you places you have never been before.” The punch line to this joke is that the places she has never been before is the inside of your home. As far as sex goes, she should have little in the way of expectations. 
  4. Can I fondle your boobs?” This dirty pickup line is probably going to get a drink thrown in you face nine times out of ten; however, think about it this way. If a woman actually says yes, she is probably pretty wild and fun.
  5. I am like a sinking ship. I want to go down on you.” Tell her up front that you are not selfish. When you attempt to pick up a woman with this dirty line, you are telling her that you are willing to please and satisfy her.
  6. “Do you scream when you come?” You just have to know the answer to this question. It has been plaguing you since you first laid eyes on her.
  7. “I would like to rub my semen all over your face.” This pickup line is really dirty and will most likely only work if the woman in question is a porn star. Of course, if she is a porn star, good for you.
  8. “How do you like your eggs? Scrambled or fertilized?" This dirty pickup line will probably make her groan. It may even make some girls squeamish. Still, if said to the right woman, you will soon find out the answer to that question.
  9. “Do not look now, but that creep over there just told me he plans on having sex with you.” Ever the gentleman, you are just looking out for her best interests. Suggest to her that she beat him to the punch and have sex with you instead. This pickup line probably will not work, but then again, who knows.
  10. “I like watching you bend over. Can I see you do it naked?” This is actually a pretty creepy thing to say, so you are going to have to be charismatic when you say it. If you do it right, you can expect a chuckle. 
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