10 Dirty Sexting Ideas

Looking for 10 dirty sexting ideas? These ideas can be used during sexting in order to enhance your relationship. Use them cautiously, because these are 10 of the dirtiest sexting ideas around. Have fun and be safe when you engage in dirty sexting!

  1. Try role playing. Choose a scenario that you can role play with your partner or sexting buddy, and play this out while sexting. For example, you could pretend to be two strangers that have never met. If you actually are strangers, then maybe make it more personal. Be creative with your choices.
  2. Talk about what you have on. Begin by asking your sexting partner or buddy what she's wearing. Then proceed to tell her what you are wearing. After that, begin discussing how you are going to go about removing that clothing, and then go on to what you do after the clothing is removed.
  3. Adopt a dominant persona. While this is similar to the first dirty sexting idea (role playing), it is slightly different because it is more specific and something of a fetish.  First, you have to figure out who is going to be the dominant person. If your partner is not into this idea, you will know right away. If your partner wants to be the dominant person, you should go along with it if you’re comfortable with that.
  4. Pretend as though you are performing oral sex on one another. Begin by asking your partner what she likes to have done regarding oral sex. Then simply play that out with her. Pay close attention to what she says and react appropriately. If she seems to not know what to say, and take the lead.
  5. Try the opposite of the dominant idea. Pretend to be submissive. As they say, opposites attract, so try it out and see how it works.
  6. Pretend to be somebody at work. This is really beneficial if you’re actually at work and have a crush on somebody in the office. The rest of it is up to you; use your imagination. Be creative and have fun, but be careful not to get fired for inappropriate behavior!
  7. Pretend to be outside in public. Many people have fantasies about having sex in public. Pretend that you are someplace where it is inappropriate to do this, and go with it. Just go with what your sexting buddy wants, and have fun with it.
  8. Pretend that you are pursuing someone much younger. Pretend to have found a partner who is younger than you and begin pursuing her through sexting. See how she reacts; always pay close attention to how your sexting partner feels. Then simply go with the flow.
  9. Try a new location. Pretend that you’ll meet her in Paris, at a little café, and go with it. You get the idea.
  10. Pretend as though you are either married or single. If your sexting buddy is married, then pretend to be single. If your sexting partner is single, then pretend to be married. Make up the story line.

No matter what you do, you’ll have fun with your sexting partner using these 10 dirty sexting ideas. They can be used to enhance a relationship and have fun. Use them carefully and thoughtfully and you’ll have a great time.

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