10 Double Date Ideas For A Rainy Day

If spending your highly anticipated double date outside isn’t looking like such a good idea, you might find these 10 double date ideas for a rainy day highly useful. It’s silly to let the weather ruin what would have been a good time, so use some of these double date ideas for a rainy day to make the best of your double date!

  1. Attend a hockey game. Hockey games are fun no matter what the weather looks like, and the best part about them in this case is that they’re held inside. So, take your date as well as your fellow couple to a hockey game, and the rainy day will be the last thing on anyone’s minds.
  2. Hit up an adult arcade and bar. There are lots of restaurants and bars that feature fun arcades with adults in mind. Host your double date at one of these, and let the competition create the fun and excitement!
  3. Go roller skating or ice skating at indoor rinks. You may feel that you and your guests are too old for a little bit of old fashioned roller skating or ice skating, but this could prove to be one of the best double date ideas that you ever tried out. It’s okay if you don’t know how to skate; this is a great time to learn!
  4. Play laser tag, and get ice cream afterwards. What’s more fun than a few rounds of laser tag with your significant other and a close couple? Even after the fun is over at the laser tag venue, you can go get a few ice cream cones and laugh about things that happened during laser tag.
  5. Go to an indoor wine tasting. Of course, you probably won’t be touring the vineyard during this date, but you can still taste various wines and converse with your guests.
  6. Play video games, and go out for drinks later. This might one of the most obvious double date ideas for a rainy day, but it’s one of the best as well. You could rent a popular multiplayer game for a video game console, and the two couples could play on teams against each other. Once everyone’s finished playing video games, everyone can go pick for a round of drinks later.
  7. Go on a classic double date, and get dinner and a movie. You can go out to eat at a favorite local restaurant and converse with everyone. Once everyone’s finished with dinner, you can catch a night show at the local theater to polish off the perfect night.
  8. Set up a few party games. You can organize adult board games, or even games that are intended for drinking. Either way, playing simple games like these can open people up and bring them out of their shells.
  9. One of the best double date ideas is to play indoor sports. You might want to take your date as well as the other couple to an indoor racquetball or tennis court. You can either play doubles in tennis or play singles to allow for a little more one on one time.
  10. Go bowling and order pizza. Who doesn’t love bowling? Out of all of these double date ideas, you might want to play a few games of bowling at the local lanes, and then go back to someone’s place and order pizza. You might want to also throw a movie into the mix.
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