10 Douchiest Cars

There are definitely differing degrees of doucheness. Usually you can tell a douche by his hair cut, choice of clothing or by the car that he drives. In this list we cover the 10 douchiest cars. We have attempted to cover the wide range of douche bags and their vehicles of choice.

  1. Hummer – Any form of this monstrous car will scream douche whether you are one or not. Anyone wishing to avoid this label should simply not drive this car.
  2. Escalade – This car can be bad enough by itself, throw in spinning wheels and giant sub-woofers and you've turned a perfectly decent vehicle into a douchemobile.
  3. BMW – This is a perfectly fine line of cars, but unfortunately douches of all ages are attracted to them and you risk getting lumped in with them when you drive one.
  4. Ford Mustang (newer models) – Mustangs are an American classic, but why do douche bags have to spoil them by acting like such douches while driving one?
  5. Chevy HHR – This car just looks like a douchemobile. The design itself says douche. Basically it's just ugly.
  6. Nissan Cube – We have now crossed the line to another type of douche, the yuppie/hipster douche. This car with its non-symetrical design is just plain weird and should be put out of its misery.
  7. Kia Soul – It's the modern version of the pregnant roller skate, the fact that a hatchback has the name "Soul" does not make it cool. It is the leading sign that this car even without a driver is a douche car.
  8. PT Cruiser – This car has been on the list since the first model came out. Its ugly and pretentious, a double whammy.
  9. Prius – This car is yet another yuppie/hipster with a dash of enviromentalist douche car. This car comes with a reputation along with the warranty.
  10. Smart Car – Driving one of these glorified golf carts is the equivalent of being on roller skates. As you roll down the road in a car no longer than a gas pump you definitely have to have a "better than everyone" attitude to accompany it. Just pray that you don't get caught in the middle of a rear ender between semi trucks, as the Smart Car is so small the truck drivers may not notice you.
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