10 Drinks That Cause Hangovers

When you think about the ten drinks that cause hangovers, it is natural to have that gagging sensation you get the morning after having all of the drinks that tasted so good the night before. That is why we have come up with a list of ten drinks that are fun for partying but not so fun the morning after.

  1. Tequila Sunrise. It is safe to say that anything with tequila in it will make you sick the next day. Don't let the pretty color and good night fool you into believing the sunrise the next morning will be a happy one. Tequila Sunrise does not taste good coming up, and it rarely tastes good going down.
  2. Long Island Iced Tea. Tea from Long Island isn't what it is cracked up to be. Or is it? With a mixture of vodka, tequila, gin, rum and triple sec, do you need anything else that will tell you that you are going to have a nasty hangover in the morning?
  3. Keg Beer. Keg beer will give you one of the nastiest hangovers in the world. One reason is because you can drink a ton of it and not realize you are drinking a ton of it. Something about keg beer says, "Hey, you will wake up with a terrible head ache in the morning and you will wish you drank me from a bottle or can". Also, don't kiss your girl after drinking keg beer all night the next morning. Nasty.
  4. Margaritas. There is that one ingredient again. Tequila! A margarita frozen, on the rocks, sweet or sour is usually really good when drinking it, especially if you cannot taste a lot of tequila right away. On a hot summer day, drinking one right after another will lead to you waking up in the bathroom next to your best friend on the bathroom floor. Where the two of you will be taking turns praying to the God of porcelain, one right after another.
  5. Red Wine. Not white wine, not grape wine, RED WINE. Hangover and headache city before you even sleep to wake up and have a hangover.
  6. Jack and Coke. Jack Daniels is one mean dude, especially the next morning, (if you already haven't tried to fight all of your buddies the night before.) What is that saying, ten feet tall and bulletproof? Yep, that's Jack Daniels, you know him!
  7. Vodka Martini. Whatever flavor you like, even if it is the "Good Vodka," you are going to have a hangover. These days, the martini lovers have so many more flavors to choose from (more flavors equal things that taste better) which means you get careless about how much you drink. I wonder what chocolate martini tastes like coming up when hung over? Never mind, we don't want to know.
  8. Captain and Coke. Captain Morgan will show you who the captain of this ship is in the morning. Spiced Rum and your favorite cola drink will be sure to get the acid reflux going in the morning. Gag much. Don't do it in front of the captain, he may get mad at you.
  9. Champagne. All of the tiny bubbles look so pretty in your little glass. Yeah right, all of the bubbles you see in that glass will go down your throat and straight to your head. Then, they will hang out in your head till morning, and it will feel like every single little tiny bubble you drank just popped right at the very point of your forehead. But most times it tastes great going down.
  10. Anything with Whiskey. We don't have to tell you how whiskey will affect you. At the beginning of your night of partying, we will guarantee that at least one of your friends will say, "Dude, no whiskey tonight".  There is a reason for that you know? 
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