10 Drug Addiction Movies

This list of top 10 drug addiction movies contains sex, pills and needle pricks. What makes a good drug addiction and substance abuse movie? A down and out drug addict looking for another fix whether or rehab stands in the way. The list begins with the most noted drug addiction movies, completing the list with those film risk takers; found in between are the mind-blowing old school movies that ranged high amongst many picks.

  1. "Lady Sings the Blues" defines the life of Billie Holiday, a famous blues singer. A first of its kind, this 1975 film shares vividly what heroin can do to a personality, friends and especially the person using. With a struggling gift and a golden voice, Holiday loses her battle in the end portrayed beautifully by no other than Diana Ross.
  2. "Scarface" paints a picture of the Cuban crime wave and how one man and his friend climbs the ladder of drug dealing success. He gets the business, the girl and the world is his. Well, until he is gunned down at the end of the movie.
  3. "Blow" is a biopic of American cocaine smuggler George Jung, portrayed by Johnny Depp. The main character promises his daughter that he will be with her following release from jail after living the world of a drug dealing life and stings. The only problem was when upon their "date" of meeting the character is busted–all bets were off. 
  4. "Sid and Nancy" is a movie where a couple lives high on drug and sex addiction only to end up dead by an overdose. This is a powerful flick and portrayal of two rebels, Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.
  5. "Midnight Cowboy" is a classic that began as an X-rated film and later turned into an R-rated film. This movie depicts more of a sex addiction than a drug addiction. However, sex is the drug that keeps this addict wanting more.
  6. "Rush" is based on an investigator and his partner going after a drug dealer only to become addicts themselves. This is a powerfully packed film that explores the downfalls when drug investigation turns self-satisfying on massive addictive levels.
  7. "Candy" A poet and an art student finds that they have more in common than a simple exploration of expression. With the poet leading the art student into heroin addiction, they both become unstable. Candy, the female art student portrayed by Abbie Cornish, decides to end things once and for all. But Dan, played by Heath Ledger, wants to end things his own way.
  8. "Requiem for a Dream" shares the breaking point between living the dream and living deep inside of the dream. Depicting various addictions, this film is known as the ultimate variety in substance abuse films. If you are seeking something outside of the heroin box with heroin hanging from the edge, check this movie out.
  9. "Trainspotting" is a 1996 British film that took the globe by surprise with twists and turns beyond self-awareness upon doing, quitting and doing heroin again.  The characters can't get enough of their heroin reality versus their sober unrealistic lives.
  10. "Gia" starring Angelina Jolie, Mercedes Ruehl, Faye Dunaway and Elizabeth Mitchell is a 1998 TV movie surrounding the story behind the life of Gia Marie Carangi. Jolie portrays a good girl that turns into a heroin addict. By the time Gia comes to grips with reality, she ends up being diagnosed with AIDS when AIDS was merely spoken of behind closed doors.
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