10 Early Spring Fishing Tips

Here are 10 early spring fishing tips to help a fisherman get onto the water and catch fish. Strategies used in late spring and summer won't always work for early spring fish as the water is still generally cold. While the basic techniques are the same, an angler can use the following early spring fishing tips to improve the number and size of fish caught.

  1. Fish as much as possible. The best early spring fishing tip is to get out on the water whenever you can. The old saying that the worst day of fishing is better than the best day of work applies regardless of the season.
  2. Watch the forecast. Watching the weather might seem like an odd fishing tip, but it is very important in early spring fishing. Anglers who are forced to pick certain days to fish should look for unseasonably warm days and approaching weather changes to hit the water during peak fishing time.
  3. Go small and slow. Anglers should move to smaller lures that are fished slower in the early spring for maximum appeal. Cold water means sluggish fish that might be reluctant to put up the fight to strike a large prey fish, but will often scoop up the small and slow.
  4. Fish with bait. If an angler just wants to catch fish, one of the best tips for early spring fishing is to simply use bait. Almost all fish will strike a plump and lively nightcrawler any time of the year.
  5. Wait! An angler fishing in the early spring should give the fish more time before setting the hook. Again, early spring generally means colder water, and the fish might need a little longer to get the lure into their mouth.
  6. Seek the sun. Anglers should keep an eye on the sun and find shallow water. The bright sun will quickly warm early spring water in the shallows, and this will attract fish.
  7. Be prepared. Early spring fishing can often mean fishing in muddy water from frequent rain. Anglers need to be prepared with lures that are brightly colored or dark for use in cloudy water.
  8. Sleep late. While early morning is often considered the best time of day for fishing, early evening during early spring fishing might be the best. The water should have warmed throughout the day, making the fish more active just as the sun is going down.
  9. Fish the edges. Look for fish to be in areas where clear water meets muddy water. Tributaries coming into lakes or rivers are generally a good place for this.
  10. Learn something new. On those days when the fishing is slow, use early spring fishing to experiment with new lures and fishing techniques. Learn to put some new tricks into your fishing skill set for better fishing all year long.

Use these early spring fishing tips the next time you head out and see how they work for you!

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