10 Easy BMX Tricks

Beginner BMX riders are always on the lookout for easy BMX tricks. BMX tricks are one of the most appealing aspects of being a BMX rider. Nailing down some easy tricks is the best way to get started. Easy BMX tricks lay the groundwork for more advanced and complicated moves. 

  1. Start with a basic bunny hop, one of the easiest BMX tricks. While riding, lift the handle bars up so that the front wheel comes off the ground. While the wheel is in the air, scoop your body forward to lift the back tire up at the same time. The goal of a bunny hop is to have both bike tires in the air together. A bunny hop is a basic move that is used in more advanced BMX tricks. 
  2. Another easy trick that provides basic skills is the no-handed. Simply start riding with both hands on the bars. Remove one hand and, once you're stable, remove the other. Learning to ride with no hands is important because many tricks require you to release the handle bars. 
  3. Practice traditional wheelies. While you're pedaling lift the front tire off the ground and continue riding. Wheelies will help you build a sense of balance on the bike. 
  4. Try out a nose wheelie. Instead of lifting your front tire off the ground, lean forward and scoop your feet to lift the back tire off the ground. Nose wheelies are fairly easy BMX tricks but can be a little tougher because you need to use your lower body strength to lift the back wheel without the assistance of handlebars.
  5. Practice balance with a manual, a variation of a wheelie. Instead of pedaling through a wheelie, keep your feet still and use pure momentum to keep the bike in motion. Manuals are harder than standard wheelies because you won't be able to use pedaling to keep the bike stable, but this easy trick will help you find your sense of balance for other tricks. 
  6. After you've mastered basic easy tricks like the bunny hop, try more complex moves like a barspin. After you're in your bunny hop, spin the handle bars 360 degrees until they return to their starting position on your landing. You can also do a bar spin off a small ramp instead of a bunny hop. 
  7. An easy variation on the barspin is the x-up. Once you're in the air either from a bunny hop or ramp jump, cross your arms so that they form an X and turn the handlebars backwards. Return the bars to their original position before you land. 
  8. Bunny hops can also be used in grinds on curbs or other surfaces. An easy trick is a basic double peg grind. Bunny hop and then land on a curb with both pegs on either side of the bike. A small bunny hop will let you dismount. 
  9. Brake tricks are easy to do, as well. Perform an endo by quickly locking your front brake and leaning forward slightly so that the back tire lifts off the ground. Don't lean too far as you could spill right over the handlebars.
  10. A slightly more advanced brake trick is called a footjam. Also called a nosepick, in a footjam you position your body above the front wheel while the bike is in motion. Lift one foot off the petals and slide (or jam) it into the space between the wheel and the metal fork above the wheel so that the bike stops. Your back tire will lift off the ground and you can balance in the air or bounce on the front tire before remove your foot and landing. 
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