10 Easy Bouldering Tips

If you are new to bouldering, learn about these 10 easy bouldering tips. Here are some useful tips to get you started at a rock gym or outside on a rock. Check out the ten easy bouldering tips below.

  1. Get the gear. The first easy bouldering tip is to get the correct gear. If you are bouldering outdoors, you will need climbing shoes and comfortable clothing (and possibly a helmet). If you are bouldering indoors, you will need climbing shoes, chalk and a chalk bag.
  2. Plan your route. Don't climb thirty feet outdoors on your first attempt. Don't go bouldering on a V8 at the rock gym. Attempting to do something beyond your level will cause injury or make you tire more quickly.
  3. Know the position of your spotter or mat. If you are bouldering outdoors, you will want to take an experienced spotter (or two or three) with you. If you are bouldring indoors, make sure there is a mat for you to fall onto. Make sure you position the mat slightly away from the wall. The trajectory of your fall will be out and down, not straight down.
  4. Warm-up before you begin. Bouldering is like sprinting. You will be making quick and aggressive movements. You should warm up with ten to fifteen minutes of cardio before attempting a climb. Most rock gyms have cardio equipment, like treadmills. After finishing your cardio, do a few stretches.
  5. Visualize your climb. If you visualize your route before you start climbing, you will be able to make quicker decisions. If you are bouldering indoors, the routes will be marked, but there are still various options as to where you can attempt a hold.
  6. Don't hang. The further your body is from the rock (or wall), the more energy you will have to expend. One easy bouldering tip is to try to lean into the rock or wall. Never hang with your limbs.
  7. Stand up, don't pull up. More energy will be lost if you are trying to pull with your arms. Your legs are much stronger than your arms, so you will maximize your efficiency if you think about pushing up to the next hold using your legs.
  8. Get used to falling. Another easy bouldering tip is to realize you are going to fall. Everyone falls. If you expect it, you will know what to do. Fall away from the rock (or wall) to make sure that you don't hit any rocks on the way down.
  9. Remember your COG (center of gravity). Your COG is the middle point of your body. If you hold your right leg and arm out to the side, your COG shifts to the right. When you are bouldering, you can position an unused arm or leg to help you balance. This is also called "flagging."
  10. Don't get stuck. An easy bouldering tip is to think of bouldering like chess. You need to know where you are going next. Try to think at least one move ahead. This will reduce the likelihood that you will get stuck and have to fall.
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