10 Easy High-Paying Jobs

There are plenty of easy high-paying jobs if you know where to look and what each job requires. Nobody wants to break their back or work insane hours every week just to bring home a small paycheck. These jobs will ensure that you bring home a great paycheck along with little to no stress.

  1. Massage Therapist. This easy high-paying job also has almost no stress. Not only will you be relieving the stress of your clients, the rub downs will probably eliminate any stress you have also. Most massage therapists work when they choose to and have regular clients. Massage therapists can earn up to $35 per hour.
  2. Technical Writer. Those assembly instructions for your new entertainment center and the manual for your car are written by technical writers, who have an easy high-paying job. You work by yourself typing on a keyboard simplifying instructions so the rest of us can pretend we know what we are doing when we buy a new toy. The top technical writers earn $98,000 per year.
  3. Probation Officer. Although you will have to deal with criminals, at least you won't be chasing them after a crime or sentencing them to life in prison. Probation officers have an easy high-paying job because you are just someone they check in with periodically. Average earnings are in between $35,000 to $60,000.
  4. Actor. Not everyone will succeed as an actor, but it is an easy high-paying job if you can land the right roles. Read a script, play a part and smile for the cameras for an average wage of $29.05 per hour.
  5. Truck Driver. If you like to drive and don't mind being behind the wheel of a huge truck, then you can look forward to an easy high-paying job that will earn you $22.56. The downside to this job is that the higher paid jobs require you travel away from home for long periods.
  6. Flight Attendant. An easy high-paying job is working as a flight attendant. Serving drinks, smiling while demonstrating what to do in case of a crash are the main duties of a flight attendant. Yes, men can be flight attendants too if  you're cute enough, and pocket $43,440 per year.
  7. Property Manager. An easy high-paying job as long as you stay in the residential part of this career, property managers earn $78,375. Laws vary by state on obtaining a real estate license, but some states just require on the job training if you only manage one property.
  8. Subway Operator. If you like driving, then a subway operator position may be perfect for you. Earnings average $49,290 and you just need to remember to brake at each stop.
  9. Locksmith. As long as your record is clean, you can be a locksmith and enjoy an easy high-paying job changing locks and helping damsels in distress who have locked themselves out of their homes or vehicles. Earnings for this job are $30,360.
  10. Library Assistant. If you like books and wouldn't mind earning $38,032 a year, then consider becoming a library assistant. Help put books on the shelves and assist patrons with locating reading materials.

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