10 Easy Home Wet Bar Designs

These 10 easy home wet bar designs incorporate the use of furniture already in the house or making a feature bar piece from materials found at a local home store. A wet bar is an excellent home improvement. Not only do you not need to hike to the kitchen for ice, water and a place to clean a few glasses, a wet bar may be an attraction for other drinkers when you decided to sell your house. 

  1. Tiki Home Wet Bar. This easy home wet bar design requires some dried palm fronds and some fabric with tiki patterns. Pick up a few bars stools and a plain wooden bar plumbed for water. Paint everything sandy-brown and cover the bar stool seats with the fabric. Add a few hollow coconuts in a large wooden bowl for the bar top and you're ready to go. If you really want to hype the theme, add a few glass tiki shaped glasses and an ice cube tray that creates tiny tiki ice cubes. 
  2. Hidden Home Wet Bar. This wet bar design hides in a closet or small room off the main area. Use doors or a folding shutter screen to hide the home bar. 
  3. Break-Down Home Wet Bar. This easy home bar design is for small homes. Add hinges to fold the bar and buy stools that fold up. Buy a commercial aluminum roller cart to store the bar ware and measure the bar so that the roller cart tucks up underneath when the entire bar is set up. 
  4. Formal Home Wet Bar. A formal-themed wet bar uses lots of mirrors and gold trim. Paint your bar stools black and cover the cushions with a satin strip with gold piping around the edges. Use the black paint to cover the bottom of the bar and put a smokey-glass on top. Add a mirror with a gold frame behind the bar.
  5. Pub-Inspired Home Wet Bar. Pint glasses, bar towels and English bar trays are must-have accessories for the pub-inspired home wet bar. Paint everything black, including the walls behind the bar. Add red fabric cushions and a dart board and you're set to go. Make sure you bring in the best brew from the U.K. for this home wet bar. 
  6. Strip-Club Home Wet Bar. You probably have an idea from the title of this easy home wet bar design that the bar itself features a metal stripper pole. 
  7. Jungle Home Wet Bar. The jungle bar is different from a tiki bar in the amount of class used to decorate the jungle scene. Tiki requires a bit of camp, but jungle is serious. Use a fabric on the bar stools that features bamboo and paint the wooden stools and bar a warm brown tone. 
  8. Sports-Themed Home Wet Bar. Pick your favorite sports team and frame posters of the team to hang behind the bar. Use the team's primary color to paint the wooden bar and stools and add the highlight color as fabric for the stool cushions. If your club is well-known the organization probably offers a host of bar gear. Knock yourself out buying accessories. If your team loses more games than it wins, stick with the team's colors in buying bar ware. 
  9. UFO-Themed Home Wet Bar. The UFO easy home wet bar design features chrome and aluminum. Paint the bar stools and bar silver and go for fabric that features planets or stars. 
  10. Surf-Themed Home Wet Bar. Surf's Up! An easy home wet bar design includes Hawai'ian-themed fabrics and bright colors. Add glassware in bright colors, no need to match anything here since surfers are a casual group. Cover the front of the bar with a blue-tinted metal or plastic to give a feeling of the ocean. 
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