10 Easy Icebreakers When Meeting Women

Every single man on the prowl needs to know 10 easy icebreakers when meeting women. Now depending on the situation, you can go about this in many different ways. Of course what you say to a woman at a class in your school should be different than what you say to a woman in a loud funky night club. But these ice breakers can be used for just about any situation whether you have 3 minutes or 3 months time to get to know your dream woman. 

  1. Tell a woman she has pretty feet! This icebreaker is GUARANTEED to open up a conversation when meeting any woman. Most women will be flattered, some will disagree and tell you that they have ugly feet. But what if it's winter and you can't see a woman's feet? Then tell her she is wearing pretty shoes! Again a response is GUARANTEED. 
  2. Ask for information. Women are naturally helpful. If you're in the supermarket and see a pretty lady in the same aisle as you ask her about a product that she is buying. If you're in school with a girl you like it's even easier, ask questions about the class. Even if you think you know everything about this class your goal is to get your girl talking to you.
  3. Ask about her cell phone or Ipod or whatever tech gadget she is using. If you're a techie then this is a natural icebreaker but even if you're not again your goal is to get a girl to talk about anything.
  4. Get a recommendation. This is a natural icebreaker at a bar, fast food place or retail store. If you see a woman you want to meet, break the ice and just tell her that whatever she is eating or drinking looks great! "What is it? Is it good? May I join you?" And you're on your way.
  5. Be a gentleman. If you see an attractive girl, open the door for her! This may sound old, but women still appreciate little gestures like this. Follow opening the door with a smile and a loud "HI!" Any act of courtesy is a great icebreaker when meeting women because they never expect it.
  6. Compliment a girl's accessories. If she is wearing something interesting or has interesting hair, compliment her on it. BE SPECIFIC in your compliments.
  7. Break the ice with a tag question. "This is a great place, isn't it?" "They make a great frozen Margarita here, don't they?" Keep the question light and positive.
  8. Make eye contact. It's a no-brainer but if a woman makes eye contact with you then she may want to speak to you. Making eye contact is the easiest way to break the ice without making much effort.  Just look a girl straight in the eyes. If she smiles, you're in. If she doesn't, make eye contact with the cute girl standing next to her.
  9. SMILE SMILE SMILE even if you're a gargoyle, SMILE. If you have bad breath or bad teeth do something about it. If you're not a smooth-talker and you're probably not if you're reading this, your homework is to make eye contact with every half way attractive woman you see and SMILE at them. Practice your smile and make it second nature. Smile for the sake of smiling. If you smile consistently, good things will happen.
  10. Walk and move slowly and deliberately. A man who does this is a relaxed man one who is comfortable in his own skin. A man like this is interesting to a woman and will immediately pique a woman's interest. Non-frenzied movement exudes confidence and confidence is key when you're trying to break the ice with a new woman.
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