10 Easy Jobs That Pay Well

If you are looking to make extra money but want to work as little as possible then you need to check out the list of 10 easy jobs that pay well. In any job you will have to put in some sort of effort to get paid. But with the 10 easy jobs that pay well, that effort is reduced and your return can be high.

  1. Freelance writing. There are dozens of websites out there that will pay anywhere from $5 to $20 or more per article. If you enjoy writing and have a certain level of expertise in any number of topics, then start signing up for freelance writing websites and begin generating a lot of money for sitting on your couch and writing articles.
  2. Babysitting. If you can find the right child then babysitting is easy money. Be sure you charge at least minimum wage per hour, and also ask to get paid in cash. Five or six hours of babysitting a few nights a week can be hundreds of extra dollars a month.
  3. House-sitting. House-sitting is even easier than babysitting, and the financial reward can be significant. When people go out of town on vacation or business, you offer to take care of their home for a fee. You pick up the mail, do any minor repairs that may come up, take care of the pets and make sure the house is secure. If you are a reliable and trustworthy person, this can be one of the 10 easy jobs that pay well.
  4. Internet surveys. You may have seen the commercials on television that talk about getting paid for doing product surveys on the Internet. Those opportunities are for real and they are one of the 10 easy jobs that pay well. You can get between $5 and $30 per survey and, depending on the survey companies you work for, you can be doing several surveys a week.
  5. Secret shopper. What could be easier that going shopping and then writing down prices? Retail stores use secret shoppers to spy on the competition. You get paid to go to the store and look around. Definitely one of the 10 easy jobs that pay well.
  6. Newspaper delivery. Adults and kids can deliver newspapers, and once you are given a route this becomes one of the 10 easy jobs that pay well without a doubt. The only thing you have to worry about is waking up on time. Other than that, newspaper delivery pays well and is easy money.
  7. Amusement park ride attendant. When you are an amusement park ride attendant you spend your days in the sun giving a prepared speech a few dozen times a day and then pressing a button. For that you will get paid at least minimum wage and you will get discounted or free admission to the park on your day off.
  8. Cashier. A cashier needs to be able to deal with the public, and that can be a demanding skill in itself. But when your job consists of running products across a scanner, putting them in a bag and then cashing the customer out then you have one of the 10 easy jobs that pay well.
  9. Message board administrator. There are thousands of public message boards on the Internet, and several of them generate a lot of money for the owners. In order to keep the peace on a busy message board, the board owners will hire administrators. All you need to do to make your money each month is log on and watch for message board trolls.
  10. Greeter. Larger department stores are starting to all use greeters now, and it is definitely one of the 10 easy jobs that pay well. All you have to do is be pleasant when greeting people that enter the store. If you can force a smile, then this is easy money.
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