10 Easy MMA Drills

Just like any other sport, it's a smart idea to drill, drill, drill before hitting the mat for an MMA grappling session and these ten easy MMA drills will help you accomplish that task. And while practice might not make perfect, at least it makes you better equipped to win. Here's some easy MMA drills you can do with or without a partner.

  1. Crouching. This one takes a xercuff, which is basically a bungee cord with two velcro ankle attachments. With legs spread shoulder-width apart and bent at the knee, this MMA drill will help you hold your stance without tipping over. Yeah, that would be embarrassing.
  2. Landing. With the xercuff still attached around your ankles, practice your landing skills. Use your upper body to support your lower body while it's in the air by jumping to the ground with your arms spread apart. Keep your legs as far apart as possible in mid-air.
  3. Cobra position. When you land on the ground, bring your feet into place as far apart as possible and curl your upper body in the shape of the yoga cobra pose. Keep your hips hovering just above the floor. These MMA drills will help your MMA defense.
  4. Striking. This easy MMA drill utilizes MMA gloves, boxing gloves and shin guards. Have one person put on the boxing gloves and shin guards while the other dons the MMA gloves. The opponent with the boxing gloves may strike as many times as they can before getting taken down. The one with MMA gloves needs to defend themselves and work to bring them down to the mat. Switch places after one round so each opponent can get the same amount of practice.
  5. Standing and grappling. This easy MMA drills technique finds one opponent on standing on the mat with boxing gloves on while the other is laying on their back with MMA gloves on. The goal of the standing opponent is to avoid submission and keep the ground opponent from getting up. The opposite is true for the ground opponent, he should try to get up and submit the opponent while avoiding his strikes.
  6. Caging. Another easy MMA drills position is the cage drill. Your goal in the padded wall or fight cage is to stay against the wall without getting beat into submission. The opponent's goal is to keep the one pinned against the wall and make him submit.
  7. Squats. Doing squats with body weights – such as dumbbells – can increase your strength and your reaction time. Bend your upper thighs and legs at the knee with as much weight as you can handle in each hand. Hold the pose and bring it back up. Do as many repetitions as you can stand without keeling over.
  8. Lunges. What else are lunges good for but to get your body accustomed to torture? But of course, lunges also double as a great strength training MMA drill.
  9. Agility MMA drills. Building agility is another one of your goals as an MMA fighter. These will increase your speed and reaction time and could mean the difference between winning or losing a match. Jumping lunges or squats and side jumps are just a few such drills you should work into your workout schedule.
  10. Boxing. Just doing some regular boxing, whether it be against a bag, a dummy or a real live opponent, is an easy MMA drills in any circumstance. Just remember to protect your face and teeth!
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