10 Easy Snowboard Tricks

Watching snowboarders pull off 540s, rodeos and flips can be pretty intimidating for a beginner, but everyone has to start somewhere, so here is a list of 10 easy snowboard tricks to help you get you started. Before attempting any of these tricks, you should have a solid grasp of the basics: carving, stopping, balancing and riding fakie and other foot in the front. This is the "crawl before you can walk" type of deal.

  1. The Ollie. This is the easiest of all snowboarding tricks and is usually the first one learned, after all, you don't even need to be moving to practice it. This snowboarding trick will teach you how to maintain your balance in the air and have a proper landing technique. When done off of a jump, an advanced snowboarder can get fifteen feet of air or more.
  2. Wheelie. A wheelie is a snowboarding trick where you balance on one end of your snowboard, either the front or the back. The trick is a basic move but when done correctly, it can add a bit of flair when going down the mountain. This trick is sometimes referred to as a press or a manual.
  3. Butters. This snowboarding trick is better learned after executing a wheelie comfortably. The butter is executed with a simple 180 degree turn as you are riding down the mountain. This trick can be useful in a situation where a quick repositioning is required, such as when another snowboarder or skier decides to cut you off.
  4. Air to Fakie. This is similar to butters but now done in the air. This tricks puts the ollie and 180 spin together. It is a good trick that will give you a feel for what an aerial 180 feels like. A 180 is the same exact trick except it is done off of a jump, whereas air to fakie is done on the ground. Just like the ollie, this can be practiced on flat ground without moving.
  5. 50/50 grind. This the easiest trick you can do on a rail. It requires a solid ollie, and if you want to learn how to grind rails, learning this one first is a must. The trick itself is simple; ollie onto the rail and while keeping your board parallel to the rail, balance on it for the duration of the grind. 
  6. Rock-n-roll grind. This grind requires a little bit more skill, but it looks quite a bit better than the 50/50 grind. The move is essentially the same with the main difference being that the board will now be balanced across the rail instead of parallel to it. A very solid 50/50 grind is a must for this move.
  7. 180 grinds. The 180 grind snowboarding trick is the rail version of the air to fakie move. Therefore, mastering air to fakie is an obvious prerequisite. Ollie and spin your board 180 degree to land on the rail with the opposite end of your board. This move can done be from your regular stance or from riding fakie and landing on the rail with your regular stance.
  8. Travesing in the half-pipe. This is not technically a trick as much as an essential skill and prerequisite to doing tricks in the half-pipe. Traversing is done by riding into the half pipe and moving from one side to the other without flipping your board to keep it facing the same way. This will get you used to the sensation of riding in the half-pipe, which is quite different from going down the mountain or off of jumps.
  9. Slide turns. This trick is essentially how you will be riding when inside of a half-pipe. When you get to the top of one side, instead of doing nothing, you will now performs the butters 180 degree move, so keep riding with the same stance on your board. Practicing the turn higher and higher up in the pipe is the preferred way of working up to an aerial.
  10. Aerial turns. After you've gotten the hang of side turns, the next move is an aerial turn. By going higher and higher in the halfpipe, you will eventually reach a point when you are able to pop-off the top. Turning 180 degrees and landing should be the natural next step. 
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