10 Easy Swimming Drills

If you're trying to become a great swimmer, add these 10 easy swimming drills to your practice routine. Swimming drills will help a swimmer concentrate on various aspects of swimming. The swimmer can concentrate on his kick, stroke or body positioning. If swim drills are done repetitively, they will help the swimmer remember what he needs to do without even thinking about it. Here are a few drills to help you get started.

  1. Long-Axis Combo Drill helps a swimmer feel the similarities between freestyle and backstroke. Do four strokes of freestyle then four strokes of the backstroke. Have the largest proportion of momentum come from the hips. This is one of the best and most easy swimming drills.
  2. 4/6/8 count drill is another exercise that is important for both the freestyle and the backstroke. In either stroke, kick on one side for a count of four, six or eight kicks, then one normal stroke in between rotating to the other side to repeat. Being on the side allows for focus on correct body position.  It's also important to use core body muscles to rotate to the other side.
  3. For freestyle, the catch-up drill is an easy swimming drill to accomplish. For this drill, pull with one arm at a time, then touch the hands together about a half a foot under the water, before continuing to the next stroke. This drill helps improve the body position.
  4. Another freestyle drill is the finger-tip drag roll. This easy swimming drill is to help insure the best possible stroke technique.  During the recovery of the regular freestyle stroke, drag the fingertips along the surface, keeping the elbow high. This helps get and keep proper hand-elbow position upon reentry.
  5. Sighting drill for freestyle is one of the best easy swimming drills. This drill helps insure a straight swimming stroke. Simply pull the head out of the water at every fifth stroke and choose an object to sight in on. Keep checking back and make sure to have proper body alignment and straight strokes. 
  6. Single arm for backstroke or freestyle is fun making it an easy swimming drill. Simply keep the unused arm at the swimmers side. Keep this arm fully relaxed while the other arm does the stroking. Pick a count, as in five strokes, then switch. Keep the focus on the body being in the proper position.
  7. A great kick drill is certainly an easy swimming drill and can be practiced by anyone. A good long flutter kick while holding onto the side of the pool is great for developing and concentrating on better kicking function.
  8. Flutter kicking while swimming on the side is another good workout for the legs. This easy swimming drill should be practices with a flotation device such as a kick board.  It helps the swimmer pay attention to the full motion of the legs and the amount of momentum they can get.
  9. Alligator kicking is a fantastic way to test how strong a kick is. This easy swimming drill is done by kicking oneself all the way across the pool without using the arms. If it can be done while holding the head above water and breathing, the swimmer has a great kick. 
  10. Closed and open hand swimming helps to increase the feel of the pull. This easy swimming drill is done with doing several strokes with the hand in a fist, then follow with the same amount of strokes with a solid, cupped hand.
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