10 Easy Ways to Meet Women

There are plenty of easy ways to meet women. You just have to take advantage of everyday opportunities. Risk a little, step out of the dark bar and into the light of day, and try not to come on too strong.

  1. Take your dog for a walk. This technique is the easiest way to meet women. Take your dog out for a walk in the park and women will approach you. Make sure your dog is friendly and big enough to not make you look like you’re walking your girlfriend’s dog.
  2. Go stag to a wedding. Love is in the air already. There’s always a bridesmaid without a date or a visiting single cousin. Wait on the edge of the dance floor and then sweep her off her feet. It’s the perfect romantic setting to meet women.
  3. Cruise your local record store. You’ll be doing local businesses, the music industry, and your love life a favor. Take notice of what she’s browsing. If she’s looking at a Kanye album, suggest a little Kid Cudi. If she’s picking up a Kings of Leon album, ask her to an upcoming local rock show. This also allows you to judge her before you go through the hassle of introducing yourself, like Facebook – but real life. If her music is no good, walk away.
  4. Go anywhere but a gay club. Don’t ever hit on women at a gay club. Women never go to a gay club hoping to meet someone. They’re there to dance all night with a bunch of gay guys, care free, usually because they have been burned by some straight guy. Plus, it always comes off as creepy.
  5. Introduce yourself in line at the check out. Lines can be a pain, but also an easy way to meet women. Take advantage of long lines at the coffee shop, the super market, the bank. Use an icebreaker like, “I don’t know what to order. What do you always get?”
  6. Stroll the Farmer’s Market. Cute, earthy, artist girls go to the Farmer’s Market. Offer advice on roasting broccoli instead of steaming it and seem super smart. The laid-back vibe provides an easy way to introduce yourself to women at the market.
  7. Go out and hear some live music. Concerts are an easy way to meet women. Stand close to the person you want to meet while seeming really into the music and then at the right time to introduce yourself. Make eye contact, smile, and maybe even dance!
  8. Hit the gym. Take a yoga class. It’s great for your body, the women are beautiful, and it makes you seem really sensitive. Most people go there on the regular so you know you’ll bump into them again. If yoga’s not right for you, partner up with someone at kick boxing and then invite her on a run outside the gym. It’s an easy way to meet women and stay fit.
  9. Pick a cause and stand up for it. Choose a cause and get behind it. Get involved with rallies or organizations for causes you believe in and stay an active member. You’ll probably meet someone who has the same passions you do. That is a great base for a relationship. Make sure it’s something you really believe in though or else you end up accidentally wearing a leather jacket to a PETA event and look like a jerk.
  10. Visit your home town. Go home to see your mom. It’s an easy way to meet women because you already have something in common. There’s always a girl from high school that was sweet but not someone you’d date that you run into when you’re both home at the same time for Thanksgiving. Except now you’re grown up, high school doesn’t mean anything, and she’s smoking hot editor for a magazine and a DJ in Brooklyn. It’s simple and your mom will be happy too. 
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