10 Easy Yoga Poses

Yoga is a world renowned way to work out and is becoming more and more popular everyday, so here are 10 easy yoga poses for you to try. However, sometimes when people engage in some of the exercises that yoga provides, they find that they might have bit off more than they can chew. Don't be frustrated, everyone has to start somewhere, and the best place to start is with some easy yoga poses.

  1. Butterfly Pose. Sit on the ground on your rear end and bring your knees up and bent. When bending the knees bring the bottoms of the feet together almost as if sitting like an upright frog. As the feet push together, push the knees down and the stretch will resonate throughout the hip area. The duration is for two to three minutes.
  2. Cat-Cow Pose. For this easy yoga pose, get on all fours and have hands and feet hip and shoulder distance apart. While looking up arch back and push the navel to the floor. After breathing deeply, arch the back and suck the navel toward the spine similar to that of a hissing cat. During this part of the pose, exhale. Continue this pose back and forth, the duration is one to three minutes.
  3. Cobra Pose. In this easy yoga pose lie entirely on the floor, belly down. The hands should be right by the shoulders almost as if preparing for a push-up. Using only the muscles in the arms lift the torso off the ground opening up the naval and stretching the abdomen. To modify this yoga pose, instead of pushing up from the hands, bend the elbows and lift up from there.  The duration is one to three minutes.
  4. Baby Pose.  Start by kneeling on the ground, and lean back and sit on the feet. Place the head on the floor in front and place the arms by the sides of the body reaching back, not front. The duration is about one to three minutes.
  5. Yoga Pose for Balance. Lie on the side of the body and raise the body horizontally by pushing up with one hand. This hand braces the body and the other arm should be straight up in the air. If this is too difficult at first, a bent knee and one outstretched leg is a good compromise. The duration for this easy yoga pose is one to two minutes.
  6. Forward Bending Yoga Asana. Sit on the rear end with legs outstretched, feet about hip width apart. Sit up straight hands on hips and take a few inhales and exhales. Slowly bend forward hands remaining in place and go down as far as possible until the head touches in-between the legs. Slowly repeat this yoga pose for one to two minutes.
  7. Rock'n'Roll Pose. While lying on the back and legs are brought into the chest mimicking the look of a ball, tuck the head toward the knees and rock back and forth until the body rolls up and back down. This easy yoga pose can be done for about a minute and is a great way to massage the spine.
  8. Yoga Stretch Pose. While lying on the stomach arms and legs outstretched, lift the legs a few inches off the floor while simultaneously doing the same thing with the arms. Do this for a few seconds and rest. The duration should last about one to two minutes.
  9. Yoga Frog Pose.  While being in a squat position put the hands in-between the legs right inside the feet on the floor. Stabilize the body on the two hands and  feet and the knees resting on the elbows. Do 5 to 52 repetitions.
  10. Yoga Archer Pose. Standing up with knees slightly bent and much further than hip distance, out stretch the arms in opposite directions from left to right. To increase the intensity of this easy yoga pose, bend the knees more. Duration is one to three minutes.

Yoga poses can be difficult and at times downright challenging. But a good basis of easy yoga poses slowly increasing intensity, has incredible benefits on the body and the way it functions. It is worth a try.

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