10 Economical Home Decorating Ideas

In today's economy everybody wants to know the ten best economical home decorating tips.  Here are ten ways to get the best bang for your buck without spending a fortune.

  1. Paint– Adding or changing paint in a room can make the biggest impact.  Depending on the brand of paint your choose, one gallon can cost anywhere from $12-$30 and can change the entire dynamic of a room.
  2. Area rugs– Area rugs can make a very monotone floor lively again. Area rugs are available in all different price ranges depending on the quality and fiber content of the rug. Choose an area rug that is large enough to cover three quarters of the floor and look for colors in the rug that incorporate colors from your room.
  3. Accessorize with color– Add a pop of color with accessories such as a throw blanket, artwork, a vase or throw pillows. Consider introducing a new color in the room with the use of accessories.
  4. Throw pillows– Add or change throw pillows on your sofa.  Fresh up to date throw pillows can make an outdated room or sofa look modern again. Throw pillows can be purchased very inexpensively at many different stores.
  5. Wall decals– Wall decals are all the rage these days and can make a boring wall interesting.  With many different designs available and the easy peel and stick application, wall decals are an easy and inexpensive decorating solution.
  6. Window treatments– Add or replace window treatments.  Add a window treatment to a room can make a room appear more finished.  Premade window treatments can be purchased inexpensively or can be made relatively easily.
  7. Artwork– Liven up you bare walls with artwork.  Make your own artwork or purchase inexpensive artwork at discounted stores.
  8. Slip covers– If your sofa is outdated and you do not want to buy a new one slip cover your couch.  Choose a slip cover that is a different than your couch and one that is form fitting and not baggy.
  9. Lighting– Lighting is a very important interior design element and can change the entire dynamic of a room. Consider adding a lamp or pendant light over a sofa or chair.
  10. Indoor plants– Indoor plants can make a room appear softer. Place smaller plants on a pedestal and larger potted plants on the floor.  They will look fabulous in the room once they begin to grow! 
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