10 Edgy Fashion Tips for Men

Learn about 10 edgy fashion tips for men. While women are offered fashion advice on every corner, men don't have the same luxuries. There are many ways to be edgy; the key is knowing what exactly what to do. These tips are geared precisely at helping you become edgy and stylish.

  1. Dress for your weight and size. Although it may be easier to buy the wrong size clothing, wearing the correct size will make a big difference. This particularly holds true for overweight individuals that wear tight clothing, revealing awkward proportions and accentuates extra weight. Dressing edgy as a male can be made much easier by simply paying attention to the fit.
  2. Minimalism is key. Avoid excessively-styled clothing and overwhelming designs. A few accessories or a single interesting graphic will carry a stronger message. This edgy fashion tip for men cannot be forgotten.
  3. Do not ignore your shoes. Women obsess over these for a reason: they provide closure to an entire outfit. It can ruin or give an extra boost to your edgy style. Shoes capture the viewer's immediate attention and say a lot about the wearer's style.
  4. Accessorize. But don't overdo it. Scarves, necklaces, bracelets or a classy watch can all add an intensely edgy quality to your look. You will see your clothes pumped up once you add extra details to your outfit.
  5. Messy is beautiful. If you can pull it off well, messy chaotic hair can be the kick-factor to contrast a simple, chic style. You may consider wearing messy clothing as your aesthetic if you really find this appealing. Just avoid messy and gross–you want messy and stylish.
  6. Research. Odd, but true: research new designers and brands to get ahead of the game. Wear the next Calvin Klein before it even hits stores. Use the internet to find unique designers with interesting perspectives and styles.
  7. Hygiene. Nothing can ruin your fashion edge like bad B.O. Invest in a nice-smelling cologne to truly draw attention to your edgy style. It also doesn't hurt to shower on a daily basis.
  8. Layers. This is a sleek way for you to to achieve edgy fashion without going overboard. Layer your clothing and double the quality of your look. This will leave you ahead of the game by incorporating a layering-trend followed by only the fashion elite.
  9. Avoid outdated styles. Backwards hats and excessively baggy pants will not help your look unless it's 1990. Incorporate edgy fashion trends and avoid outdated trends that died for a reason. Instead, focus on the next trend.
  10. Be creative. Try new things until you find the style that suites you best–a simple, but vital edgy fashion tip for someone looking to make a statement with clothes. Experiment with colors, fabrics and designers until you find the clothes that suite your body and personal tastes best.
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