10 Elegant Bars In Dallas

For those that enjoy elegant dining and lounges, the 10 elegant bars in Dallas will be of special interest. Many of these bars are part of a restaurant, some are stand alone. One thing for sure, is that you will not find a better selection of elegant bars in Dallas. 

  1. Windmill Lounge. Located between Inwood Road and Oaklawn Avenue is Windmill Lounge. The Lounge is not only elegant but renowned for serving elegant vintage cocktails.  The bar also offers a happy hour to patrons with a great price reduction in the drinks. 5320 Maple Street, Dallas, TX 75235 Phone: 214-443-7818
  2. Liberty Bar. A beautiful, elegant bar with dark wood, a warm atmosphere and wonderful drinks.  The bar's decor includes a beautiful bookcase lined with classic titles and a pianist.  3015 Oak Lawn Ave., Melrose Hotel Dallas, Dallas, TX 75219 Phone:  214-224-3152 
  3. Cool River Cafe. One of the areas most popular bars in Dallas is the Cool River Cafe. The bar is both spacious and elegant and dressed in a fine Western decor.  The bar features many bands play blues, R and B, jazz and funk. Considered the perfect spot for an evening out. 1045 Hidden Ridge Rd. Irving, TX 75038 Phone:  972-871-8881
  4. Bar Belmont. Offering not only elegance, but a fabulous view of the city as well. The Bar Belmont also features a beautiful terrace that guest enjoy watching Dallas' beautiful sunset. 901 Fort Worth Ave., Dallas, TX; Phone:  214-393-2300
  5. Reikyu Sushi & Bar. A newer hotspot in Dallas, but definitely one of the most elegant bars in town. The Reikyu not only serves sushi but has a wonderful,  fabulous bar as well.  Located at 5321 E Mockingbird Ln., Dallas, TX 75206; Phone:214-823-3772 
  6. Eight Lounge. With an upbeat atmosphere with music that is really exotic, this is certainly an elegant bar where you should go to in Dallas. From the entrance, you will be able to set eyes on a breathtaking water wall that is the bar's most prominent feature. 1906 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206 Phone: 214-824-2888 
  7. Zúbar. Trendy and elegant, this is the perfect place if you want to ease up a little and relax. Aside from the cool ambience and the bright colored environment, you can hear great music here which is perfect after a long day's work. 2012 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206; Phone: 214-887-0071
  8. Balcony Club. There's is nothing more fun than watching live jazz with a romantic ambience. You can have this at the Balcony Club which has an elegant setting where you can either relax on your own or get to know the other customers. 1825 Abrams Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75214; Phone: 214-826-8104 
  9. Ginger Man. With it's wide collection of beers that are both local and imported as well as wines from all over the world, the Ginger Man is indeed a bar that is worth a visit. This elegant bar has a lounge and a balcony including an outdoor beer garden that will be appealing to every person who enters. 2718 Boll St, Dallas, TX 75204; Phone: 214-754-8771
  10. Spike. While you are at the Mockingbird Station at night, look up for the blue illuminated sign of Spike and prepare to experience a wonderful night. Here, you will experience being in a place where it is both comfortable and elegant. 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane #100, Dallas, TX 75206; Phone: (214) 828-2229 
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