10 Emo Fashion Tips

If you’re having a little trouble pulling off the stereotypical emo look, let us help with this list of 10 emo fashion tips. Why you’d want to actually dress like one of these misfits is a mystery, but hey, whatever makes your skirt fly up. Whether you’re dressing as a societal outcast for Halloween or devolving from goth to emo, this article will help you achieve a look that will be compelling even to the most make-up laden, wrist-slitting, life-hating emo freaks.

  1. Black. We can’t say this enough. Black, black, black. Get used to this because this is pretty much the only color of clothing you’ll be allowed to wear. Dye your hair jet black, too. You just cannot get enough black when you’re emo; black is to an emo what a petting zoo is to a bestiality fetishist.
  2. Make-up. You have to put on some make-up. Yeah, even if you’re a guy you should wear about a pound of the blackest eyeliner and mascara you can find. Make-up accentuates the eyes in order to make the wearer look more sullen and pitiful. Drive your point home by drawing intricate little tears with your eye pencil.
  3. Giving some lip. You have to perfect what we’ll call the emo pout in order to be a convincing emo. Use lined puppy dog eyes in conjunction with the pouty lower lip and slightly parted lips for maximum effect.
  4. Paling in comparison. If your skin is darker than anemic white, you might also want to invest in some white face powder. Emos tend to look about as pale as albinos, so you might need to lighten up your face a little. Manic Panic and Hot Topic have some nice compressed powder compacts.
  5. Hair. The typical male emo hairdo is dyed jet black and is at least past the ears in the front (a little shorter in back). These long parts are then draped over one eye like a blinder; the more hair you have obstructing your vision, the more emo you will become.
  6. Hair, part deux. Furthermore, you can add streaks of color to the black void that is your hair, but if you’re going full-blown crybaby, stick with solid black. If you wish to add color, be sure they’re unnatural and vibrant like orange, pink, lime green, turquoise and yellow. Manic Panic will be your BFF when it comes to intense hair tints.
  7. Clothing. You want tight clothes like skinny jeans and slim-fitting shirts, even if you’re 400 pounds and you have to lift up your belly to tie your shoes. The preferred emo fashion choice is a band shirt, but you can probably also get away with wearing anything sporting images of human bones or some stupid anti-society slogan like “Conformity is suicide.” Wear something your peers can relate to so they’ll accept you into their non-conformist, anti-social circle.
  8. Accessories. Emos tend to have at least one or two bits of hardware attached to them. These include, but are not limited to, facial piercings, chokers, neckties (over t-shirts), bangles, bandannas worn around the neck, jelly bracelets, any kind of silver jewelry and black studded belts. Your everyday emo tends to wear at least two belts, but if you can get more on, go for it.
  9. Bigger accessories. Oh, get a guitar, too; most emo boys play guitar. You don’t even need to be good at it or know how to play–in fact, the worse you are at playing, singing or composing your own music, the closer you will be to achieving indisputable emo-ness. Yeah, emo fashion can start to get heavy by the time you get to accessorizing.
  10. Not emo. Don’t confuse emos for goths, as they are two different styles. Goths often times dress in even more black clothing and accessories than emos, and they tend to occasionally wear frilly clothing, fishnets, and black lipstick and nail polish.

Shopping for your new emo wardrobe will not be difficult. Grab your credit card and head to the nearest Hot Topic, America’s goth, punk and emo fashion supply store.

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